battle music

  1. Battle Musicians

    Good evening Lords and Ladies, I'll get straight to the point, what are your thought's on battle musician's? In battle they could take the form of bagpipers, horn player's, drummer's etc. This could be by the players choice or the chosen culture. They could improve moral, battle performance...
  2. bazinetkuşanmışmelih

    Bannerlord Müzikleri

    Oyunun savaş esnasında çalan müzikler parça parça olduğu için(oyun dosyalarında) savaş esnasında onları arka arkaya çalarken güzel bir parça oluşamıyor. Parça parça yerine tek parça olmalı bence. Ya da daha iyi bir şekilde sıralanmalı.
  3. Referans

    Need More Info Regarding the music loudness

    First of all, congrats to whoever composed the music for Bannerlord, I am overly impressed and amazed by sheer epicness of the tracks. However, there is one issue that I want to point out which is the loudness of some tracks.When I am playing the game with the headphones(Dt 990 Pro) on,the music...
  4. 9yearsago

    Need More Info Dynamic Music is Awful

    I thought it was a good idea to have dynamic transitions in music based on the situtation of the battle but apparently they just break the immersion as these shifts are so abrupt and unfitting. Following rhythm fails to keep up with what precedes it, compositions are forced to leave their path...
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