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  1. Need More Info battleEye anticheat problem

    sense last update i randomly get kicked for "anticheat" on MP.i have never used any have uninstalled the game an reinstalled but it keeps happening.the only "quick fix" i have found is if i uninstall battleeye then reinstall it then verify files.then it might let me play a few games...
  2. Battle eye red problemi

    Epic games ten satın aldığım oyunu Çok oyunculu oynama seçeneğinde boş bulunup bir daha sormayı işaretleyerek Battle eye kurulumunu reddettim. Kurmak istesem dahi sitesinden kuramadım. Yardımcı olabilecek var mı acaba *

    I can't play multiplayer, the game can't find servers. At first I didn't accept the Battleeye because I had never heard of it before, I reinstalled the game but nothing. When I try to install Battle Eye, the program asks me about the game server port. I need a solution or get the money back...
  4. Ramon_Rus

    Resolved Error: Failed to initialize BattlEye Service Driver Load Error (1450)

    Hello! Has problem with Battle Eye launcher - when start multiplayer game has error 1450. Steam version. What i do and its not helped: 1) added to exceptions, disabled the antivirus completely 2) check for updates nvidia and windows 10 - all new 3) reinstall battle eye 4) delete and download...
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