1. Any plans to expand the siege battles?

    Are you planning to expand the siege battles into more immersive and epic experience? The keep battles has a system in which AI is holding specific choke points and positions, also they are falling back, when they see that they can't hold a specific part of the keep. Are we going to see similar...
  2. More battlefield designs

    Good job to the devs. So far the game is better and better, but we are expecting more ambitious update instead of balance adjustment For example, it is quite boring that tactics perk increases the bonus of the simulated battle. This should be suitable for NPCs only. Just thinking about the...
  3. Grath

    Resolved Issue with callouts during battle

    Whenever I go with cavalry by pressing number 3 it highlights the right troops but for whatever reason the character just shouts out footmen. Any reason why this is happening? Or simply it's a bug?
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