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bannerlord seige

  1. Godfree

    Ideas regaurding logistics and seige battles.

    First off the game is solid but building great job and good work. As I play I have noticed several things about this game and the last one with regard to siege warfare. Logistics are messy. AI have real trouble managing to keep armies fed in the field this does not even consider influence...
  2. In Progress 2000+ militia on a castle/town

    When I am trying to besiege a castle, the militia are 1200 or 2000 (This is a lot of militia. A castle normaly has like 300-600 militia) In towns they become 3000 and sometimes 4000 please fix this.

    Please launch fixes to the seige engine as my troops wont even go up the ladders on seige towers and wall ladders also when they bust through the outer gate hardly any troops attack the inner door also people are getting stuck in all sorts of places
  4. roadlkill

    Need More Info Converting an enemy army/clan you cannot attack the settlement.

    How to Reproduce: After you successful convert an enemy army/clan you cannot attack the settlement. Media Version: e1.0.6 OS: Windows 7 GPU RTX 2070: CPU: Intel 5930k RAM: 16gb ddr4 Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth x99 Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD samsung
  5. Need More Info Infinite Loading screen When Defending a siege

    When under siege by a NPC faction, when you start the fight the loading screen in between the dialogue screen and fight seems no never end. I have tried closing and opening the game and at different castles but no luck. Only option that works is to send just your troops.
  6. Crashing when clicking lead assault for seige

    I’m adding this so I noticed something new it’s not cuz of the rams it’s just this place I’m seiging I guess. I canceled the seige and clicked lead assault without the rams and towers. Still crashes i been playing fine so far un TIL I tried sieging Flintolg Castle. So I noticed when I finally...
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