bannerlord beta


    KUZAİTLERDE 4 TANE KADIN VARDI HEPSİNE 3 DEFA GİTTİM ''MAL'' gibi 4 üdüylede evlenemiyorum evlenmemiz neredeyse imkansız diyor yardım
  2. JabdiMelborn

    [AVVISO] Per chi non ha ricevuto la key per la BETA !

    ...Mancano 5 giorni alla fine della Closed Beta...! ...chi non avesse ricevuto ancora la Key, puo' richiederla tramite messaggio diretto a @Callum:... N.B.:...per inviare un messaggio diretto dovete andare con il cursore sopra l'avatar (o il nome @Callum), rimanendoci qualche attimo vi si...
  3. Cannot start the Beta (Steam)

    Hi! When i try to play Bannerlord, "the first time setup" begins, steam tries to install smth for like 3 minutes and after it the setup window just disappears and nothing happens, game don't run. I already checked file integrity but everything was fine. Can somebody explain possible error, or...
  4. KeKolMeZ

    Bannerlord betası olan türkler !!!!!

    Beyler captan modunda hep yabancılar geliyo şöyle yanımda 4 5 türk olsa kaptan modunu dc den konuşarak oynasak mükemmel olur diye düşünüyorum betası olan ve ilgilenen şu dc ye gelsin: veya steamden eklesin :
  5. Ser Madeye

    Bannerlord around the corner, time to make new friends!

    Greetings everyone! 🛡🗡 As everyone knows bannerlord is just around the corner, and we'll soon get to play the real thing *insert corona joke here*, and as i was viewing my own steam profile i realised that the amount of friends on my friends list is embarrassingly low, so i thought that it...
  6. Wardog__GAMING

    1000 stat man | 🏹⚔️ Wardog__GAMING Video Thread: Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord 🛡⚔️

  7. CryFar

    Sale for Beta players ?

    Just a question. Will there be some kind of sale for those who played in Multiplayer beta on EA Launch ?
  8. Yeni Güncelleme Sonrası Açılmıyor !

    Betaya gelen yeni güncelleme sonrası ilk giriş ekranı geliyor play dedikten sonra bembeyaz bir ekran oluşuyor. Ne kadar da beklesem açılmıyor. Yardımlarınızı bekliyorum.
  9. JabdiMelborn

    [Bannerlord] [beta] Giovedi 05/03 alle 19:00: "Stress Test" su server ufficiale da 200 slots

    Giovedi 05/03 alle 19:00: "Stress Test" su server ufficiale da 200 slots ...Troppo presto per me alle 19:00 (18:00 UTC), ma potrebbe essere un'ottima occasione per riunirsi e giocare assieme... ciauz^^, Jab
  10. pockeDed

    Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord {ПЛЕЙЛИСТ}

    Кхм... надеюсь Вам понравилось видео :smile: (preview топ😋) #Bannerlord #MountAndBlade2 #MountAndBlade ⌛ Подпишись на канал ➥ Купить Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord ► 💲 STEAM...
  11. Apolon

    MP Armor replacement mod by [Apolon]

    Made a small replacement armor for the MP version. In my view. If you like it, copy the replacement mpitems file to the folder: Steam\steamapps\common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord - Beta\Modules\ Native\ModuleData DOWNLOAD
  12. What is the download size of Bannerlord Beta?

    The download size, not the installed folder size. I have a slow internet so I want to prepare for the download time. Also if anyone knows, does the files include the single player content or will the size be hugely increased on release?
  13. ZıpzıpBenirlord

    b0.7.1 Bannerlord grafik sorunu

    Grafikleri yükselttim ama bu duvar yine böyle gözüküyor.
  14. Lucius Confucius

    Unlimited Corpses on the Battlefield, Please?

    Hello! Viewed the E3 videos, and they are great! But I noticed that bodies disappeared rather quickly, so in order to keep players immersed, could you please allow those of us with powerful machines an option for unlimited or very large number of dead bodies to be displayed on the battlefield...
  15. Artem1s

    ⚔️ Artems Video Thread: Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord ⚔️

  16. Game optimalization

    I have some problems with the game optimalization. I hardly ever get stabile 60 fps, because its usually around 45-50 and lowers up to 30 when I'm in more crowded areas. I have tried many options but I'm still not sure which options are using the most resaurces when it comes to FPS, this is why...
  17. Errayn

    muskets and pistols in bannerlord

    i found a trace of weapons like pistols and muskets its already in game files. and they have a lot of animations for that and probly good sounds and effects too what i want to know is equipment id for that 2 weapons and for the ammo so i could add this item to mpitems then to mpcharacters then...
  18. FelixBuxton

    Arctic Servers - Mount & Blade Server Hosting

    2020 Promotion - 25% Off Lifetime Promotion!... Use Code: MB2020 Hello community members, Arctic Servers is a well established company based and running from the United Kingdom specializing in Mount & Blade and various other games such as the Arma series, Minecraft, Holdfast and many...
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