bannerlord 2020


    KUZAİTLERDE 4 TANE KADIN VARDI HEPSİNE 3 DEFA GİTTİM ''MAL'' gibi 4 üdüylede evlenemiyorum evlenmemiz neredeyse imkansız diyor yardım
  2. Когда Bannerlord выйдет на ps4?

    Я игрок плойки и жду ее
  3. [EU] House Reyne

    [EU] House Reyne

    So, you have scrolled to this clan by accident or on purpose, but either way you’re here now. So why not give it a read? What is Reyne? It’s a clan focused on Bannerlord… You’re welcome. Seriously though, we will do events and battles against other clans. We will also transition mostly to a...
  4. King Of Misfit

    [CLAN] The Byzantine Empire (BE) (NA EST)

    The Byzantine Empire Welcome to the Official forum post of The Byzantine Empire (BE). (US EAST) (EUROPE) (US CENTRAL) THE EMPIRE FACTION!! The Byzantine Official Discord: Steam Chat: Steam Group...
  5. Unabel to create an Safegame.

    Hello first of all thx for the many patches so far realy appreaciate the work :D. I can now play the game but im not abel to create an safegame. every time i save the game it just pops me back on the main map and nothing happens iam abel to play afterwards but im not abel to find or load the...

    Hello, I declared war on the northern empire soon after creating my own kingdom. I now have negative 400 influence. This makes hardly any sense as I am litterally the king but hey ho if anybody can fill me in that would be nice. The real annoying bug in here is that things that cost 0...
  7. Resolved [SP] Talking to anyone from my party/2nd Army on the world map crashes the game.

    I can talk to my party members in the town but if i speak to them on the world map or if i talk to my 2nd army on the world map after clicking continue to see the next bit it crashes the game.
  8. Recommend specs

    hi all new here, well ive been playing warband for years just never used forums before. Ive got questions about bannerlord required specs, so ive eagerly awaited bannerlord and now I/We have got it, according to steam i have the recomended requirements for bannerlord but the game doesnt run...
  9. igfrosty

    Resolved 4 Hours gameplay than Crash

    First of all, it seems to be worth what we've been waiting for years. Early access will necessarily have mistakes. I think its okey. After playing for 4 hours, I got a mission related to the night raid from Agola City to Alatys village. (Maybe the problem is due to the mission. Because it was...
  10. Gamecrash after Tutorial

    Every time i tried to leave the Trainingground after the tutorial my game crashes. Is there some typ of "easy" - fix or do i have to wait for a bug fix ? A fast and informativ answer would be great. thx in adavance. kind regards Spindy Boy
  11. Wayne2077

    Wayne2077 Video Thread: Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

    Beta gameplay (bugs showcase): How to change and customize your banner mid campaign in Bannerlord (it's very easy)
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