1. Joe Friday

    Vlandian Banner Knight and Champion Armour

    Which settlement sells their coat of plates? I am looking for some for I am now High King of Vlandia. The Banner Knight also has a gray hood I cannot find. I've also noticed some of the Vlandian lords have golden pauldrons that I cannot find.
  2. Bunduk

    Kingdom of player Faction Color Problem.

    When the player create his own kingdom there should the Faction Color applayed on troops and banners not look uniformly for example for sturgia culture they would look all blue even when the player have other sigil and background color. I hope this will be added to Bannerlord so every custom...
  3. Joe Friday

    Taking Over Kingdom and Main Quest

    King Derthert died I was voted in as High King of Vlandia 👑. I have yet to do anything with my pieces of the banner. Since I am now king of Vlandia is there a way to advance the main quest while staying king?
  4. Spyware

    Player Marrying INTO another Clan? Starting with a Clan should be Optional.

    I tested out the console command of campaign.change_clan_leader and I decided to play as just some guy from my family since I can't switch players until death and even if I did, I become a clan leader anyway... And I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if we could just marry into other clans...
  5. IsakMDMA

    Will "bannerpasting" come back?

    I was just wondering if custom banners are coming back since it was a really nice way to customize and also personalize your kingdom, and they've been gone from 1.3.0 I think. So will they be coming back or not? Thanks :)
  6. More Banner and Sigil Color

    Maybe the title already explained it. I think the color selection when we are making a clan is too little. On the other hand, the sigil is quite many, which is good.
  7. Resolved Korkunç sancak resmi

    Uzun süre ardından oyunu tekrar oynamaya karar verdim, oyuna girip yeni save oluşturduğumda karşıma çıkan bu bayrak tüylerimi ürpertti, araştırma yaptım fakat hiç sonuca varamadım böyle bir problem hakkında.
  8. Help with carrying banner mods

    I can't seem to find mod that allows my troop tk carry the clan's banner. Carrymybanner mod doesn't seem to work either kn 1.5.9 main.
  9. WouLinX

    Dragon Armor

    But doesn't the Dragon Emperor or Empress deserve a glamorous armor that is a mixture of all cultures different from other vassals and cultures? I called it "Dragon Armor". In the full version of the game or in future updates, will we see a dragon armor ?
  10. WouLinX

    Bannerman Unit (Give Your Vote)

    I think everyone can agree that there need to be banners in Bannerlord. None of us know why the banner is not placed in the vanilla of the game. This issue has been the subject of discussion many times, but my goal is not to discuss it here. How can it be added? My opinion on this subject is as...
  11. WouLinX

    Sancaktar (Bannerman) Unit

    Herkes Bannerlord'da banner olması konusunda hemfikirdir diye düşünüyorum. Banner oyunun vanillasına neden konulmuyor bunu hiçbirimiz bilmiyoruz. Bu konu bir çok kez tartışma konusu olmuştur ama benim amacım burada bunu tartışmak değil. Getirilirse eğer nasıl getirilebilir? Bunun hakkında...
  12. Bortatza Glowingsand

    Sancak Editörü

    Sancak Editöründe niye çok az renk var? Bunu eklemek çok zor olmasa diye düşünüyorum.
  13. Norvell9

    We Need Banner Paste !

    When will TW resume the banner paste function? This is obviously an excellent feature. By the way, starting from 1.56, the primary color and Secondary color of the banner code are reversed.(If you don't know,it's a bug)
  14. IdyllicNymph

    Resolved Kingdom Background Color

    I declared independence from Vlandia and still have a red background. Granted I did choose kingdom culture Vlandian but after 15 or so total hours of a successful war I really don't want to boot up an old save if kingdom culture dictates color. Red bothers me soo much-_- At release I uploaded a...
  15. Gojek

    [QUEST IDEA] Clan banner and 7 Knightly Virtues (COMPLETE STORYLINE)

    Type of quest: big and rather linear quest for the early game Why to implement: after completion you get to choose a symbol for your clan banner. Currently there is no story behind the player's banner. Quest requirement: After starting a new campaign, the player does not have a clan banner. The...
  16. Peanut_Brother

    Choosing your banner should be a reward for attaining clan tier 1

    It's always felt strange to me that at the start of a new campaign, as a nobody, my character is parading around with a banner as it doesn't feel warranted yet. It's certainly a small change, but getting to design your banner once your character is a little more established would be a fun...
  17. Kai_Byzantium

    Clan/kingdom banner on settlements

    This is a small aesthetic and immersion suggestion. I'd love to have clan and kingdom banners displayed on town/castle walls. Just imagine seeing your enemy's banners flapping in the wind while you are besieging their castle. Ex. the kingdom's banner will be displayed on top of the...
  18. Surrender banner move to information only

    I am playing with a lot of mods, causing surrenders all over the map. Can we choose what to see on mid screen banners? It keeps interrupting gameplay.
  19. vth_Musketeer

    Need More Info No longer receiving notifications for any events and my character's party banner no longer shows up

    Summary: Two issues: Issue 1: My banner doesn't show up on the campaign map. So, sometimes when I zoom out I can't really tell which party is mine because it just shows my character on his horse. If I create an Army, there is no army banner with the gold embroidered outline. So, my army is...
  20. Askey

    Kingdom Banners

    At the moment individual Lord banners in the game are forgettable, bland and seem to blend into one and the other because they are the same colour. I honestly couldn't put a Lords face to his banner. They all might as well have one generic banner for each Kingdom for all the Lords at the moment...
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