1. Banner Shapes

    In Warband there are three types of banners carried by the lords on the main map. For my mod, i dont want the horizontal or the square banner, i want all the lords to carry the vertical shape. What part of the module system handles deciding what to give certain lords or what banner is always a...
  2. In Progress Pike Wall Banner only increases melee damage.

    How to Reproduce: Read from code
  3. In Progress Banner lod

    On the battlefield, banners only develop in the distance, if you get closer, they lose their animation. The banner in the background is still developing, the banner that is closer is gone.
  4. Modded Banner colors I decided to expand the banner color palette, but I can't figure out what identifiers can be used. <Color id="194" hex="0xff34495e" player_can_choose_for_background="true" /> <Color id="195" hex="0xff2c3e50"...
  5. Piconi

    SP Other Historical Banner Icons

    NEXUS STEAM A simple yet an effective mod, it currently adds 441 historically inspired symbols and around 50 colors to the banner editor. Banner icons...
  6. Need More Info Banner of your faction

    You cannot change the banner of your faction in the game, i.e. you can go into the editor and change it, the changes will be visible in the game, but after a reboot, the faction banner will become the old one again.
  7. nereid

    Resolved [1.1.2] Wonky Banner Textures

    Just started a new game and the textures of the banner atop the cities seems to be a bit wonky. Akin to the messed up shield textures that I had already reported. This is that the banner should look like (the one in the front): Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: GTX 1060 GPU Driver Version...

    WB 2D Art Does anyone know the texture name for the hold F1 banner?

  9. Need More Info Inconsistent Secondary Color

    Summary: The secondary color of units is sometimes hyper saturated, and other times very desaturated. Didn't notice this on earlier versions. What's going on here? How to Reproduce: Load into a battle in singleplayer, observe units with similar. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene...
  10. Doubt: How to create your own kingdom after offering the banner to another king

    I offered the dragon banner to the Sturgian king. However, I decided not to support him anymore so that I could create my own kingdom, but that option no longer exists. Is there any way to create my kingdom after swearing allegiance and offering the banner to another king?
  11. Arris

    Need More Info Eagle sigil/banner that game doesn't handle well

    Summary: Every time I use certain sigil, the coat of arms it is supposed to represent is absolutely butchered depending on colour used, shield or whatever else might affect it. Also, it is not properly cut out so some parts, that looks like they should be transparent, are not transparent at all...
  12. Resolved You should be ruling a kingdom of non imperial nature, but i am

    Hello, this bug made me stop playing during early access. I had assumed that it would be fixed when the game released, but here I am again. I have 4 castles, 3 bowshooterdudes and 1 vladian. the quest log has a checkmark on all prerequisites , the message appears when trying to select yes i am...
  13. Syrus127

    Need More Info Banner turns "ranged" formation into generic formation

    Summary: Captain's banners being applied to troops causes one of the troops to become a banner carrier. This also happens for ranged troops, both mounted and dismounted. This means the formation will no longer be considered a "ranged" formation, which causes the formation to not be called out...
  14. Heraldic armor

    Please add Heraldic armor in Bannerlord. It was very nice in Warband when it shows your banner on your armor and we need it in Bannerlord. Me and my clan really miss it!
  15. Hechicera

    Resolved 1.9 beta Banner creation size slider does nothing

    Summary: Slider used to change size of item on banner at creation How to Reproduce: Make a new game, campaign, skip tutorial, make banner, use slider, tried with various emblems Have you used cheats and if so which: Fresh install of 1.9 as of Oct 13, no mods, steam directory deleted before...
  16. nereid

    Resolved [1.9.0] Warped Banner and Pennant

    Summary: The spear pennant and the banner got warped in the screen. Entering a village, i.e. resetting the player model, seems to fix it. How to Reproduce: Was the result after entering a hideout. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Win 10 GPU: Nvidia GTX...
  17. In Progress Banner changes affect kingdom from which I abdicated

    Summary: Minor but annoying bug. I created a kingdom and abdicated later. Now when I edit my clan's banner, it also changes the banner of the clan which now rules my former kingdom. How to Reproduce: Create a kingdom. Abdicate and choose new leader. Edit your own clan's banner. Banner of leader...
  18. Falmeer

    Console Bannerlord servers

    When you guys drop Bannerlord on consoles. Please for the love of god put NA console servers in Chicago so we can have a central server instead of west players getting ****ty end of the stick.
  19. Resolved 1.8.0 - Find another piece of the banner for Arzagos - no hideout marker.

    Summary: There are 799 days still left for completing "Find another piece of the banner for Arzagos" quest. I just got the first part for Istiana and noticed there is no hideout marked west of Marunath. Arzagos only asks if I found it. How to Reproduce: No idea. Have you used cheats and if so...
  20. Resolved Sigil outline on banner

    Summary: Every time I try to make a banner the sigil gets an ugly outline. Bug started after I became the king of the Sturgians How to Reproduce: Become elected as king after king death, now your banner will change to the banner of the kingdom that you became the king of, change banner to...
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