mod yüklediğimden beri uygulama crash osya bütünü doğrula dedim olmadı modlaru güncel tutuyorum olmuyor yerli oynim diyorum o da açılmıyor
  2. BL Coding How can i change the appearance of towns and castles on the world map?

    So i've mangaed to change the look of towns and chastles in the game by editing the Settlements-XML file. But those changes only apply when entering them. So on the map the are still looking the same. How can i change that?
  3. Resolved Launcheri ve masaüstündeki kısayoldan oyuna giremiyorum

    Launchera tıkladığım zaman açılıyor gibi olup tekrar kendiliğinden hata vermeden kapaniyor ılgililer bi bakar mısınız lütfen hayatimdaki ilk kez bir foruma üye olup yazi yazıyorumoda bannerlorda kısmetmiş lütfen yardim
  4. Launcher açılmıyor

    ÖOyunu steam üzerinden satin aldim launchera ve masaustu oyun simgesine tıkladığım zaman oyun tepki vermiyor oyunu sadece yüklü olan klasörlerdeki exe den açabiliyorum yanlış başlıkta attiysam kusura bakmayin ilk defa bir forumda yaziyorum.
  5. Issue having children

    During my play through I got married to Phaea. I intended to continue my clan’s legacy by having children but it seems that I can’t have any. My character has been married for about 3 years now, and I always carry my spouse in my party. I haven’t seen any proper solution so I hoped to get some...
  6. Next update(s)?

    Any idea about when will be the next update? We are dying playing this game without recent crashes. thanks
  7. Resolved The game always crashes in a specific time and date

    The game always crashes in a specific time and date No matter if you come back from the old saves or new saves. So I can not continue to play after specific game date and time. Anyone please help to understand this issue? screenshot
  8. Need More Info Crash during map navigation

    Hey guys, I've put the game on today after playing last night and now it crashes after around 10 seconds of map travel time. If I can get in to a battle it works fine. Has anyone been experiencing this? I have tried running the game in safe mode and tried loading alternative saves...
  9. wesir

    BL Coding User Editable Localization?

    I have a mod with a fair amount of downloads and was wondering if anyone knew of a localization solution/nuget package that would generate localization files that a user could edit/test and then PR back into my mod. I know I can make a resx file to do it but I only speak english (and probably...
  10. Need More Info Buying A Kingdom

    So one of my friends has reached to a point in the game where he has competed the trade skill tree and reached 2million coins. This was done in a legit way(tho buyin iron ore from Amprela for under 20coins is kinda overpowered). After making the money he started to go from lord to lord buying...
  11. Resolved Beta Bugs with smithing

    Summary: Voulge Head in Smithing isn't given a valid name: Smithing believes I have an extra perk to unlock at 275, even though I do not: How to Reproduce: For bug 1: Simply look at the tier 4 Polearm head, should have the name Warrazor Head2 For Bug 2: On beta build, get yourself to 275...
  12. pockeDed

    Как заработать или нафармить деньги и репутацию ? ЛЕГКО !

    Ффаарм репутации и динаров ! + лайфак :xf-wink:
  13. OliverWu

    BL Coding How to make a new board game?

    Currently we have board game - Tablut. I want to change that to a new game, such as Go. (assuming still using the same UI of board and chess) I found the `boardgame.xml` and a `boardgame_prec.xml`. Is there any way to change the game with code? Thanks,
  14. matrokor

    [öneri] atölye savaşları

    Bence oyunda atölye almak çok kolay neden herkes atölyesini satıyor? Kâr eden birisi neden dükkanını satsın ki Önerim : oyunda çok kâr eden dükkanları satmasınlar bizde sehirdeki haydutları parayla tutup atolyenin islerini aksatarak kârını düşürüp satmaya ikna ederiz ve alırız daha sonra o da...
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