1. SoulPlayYouTubeRU

    Improvements that multiplayer needs

    Hello. 1. The pause function, as in Dota 2: when someone crashed (the game crashed), it is possible to pause the game and wait for the person to enter. Accordingly, the pause can be pressed both by the team members of the player who took off and by the members of the enemy team. The pause can...
  2. Tharos_PT

    SP Native Friendly Lords

    Download NexusMods: Description Did you ever want to play The Sims in Bannerlord? Well, you can't, but this mod is pretty cool! This mod makes the NPCs more interesting with complex social behavior. Do you think that you can find...
  3. BL Coding AddPlayerLine() AddDialogLine() there are no selection lines in the secondary action? C#

    Hi! Construction: AddPlayerLine("Question1", "lord_talk_ask_something", "Question2","Text1"...) 1. presses "lord_talk_ask_something". a dialog appears with the button "Text1" AddDialogLine("Question2", "Question2", "Question3", "Text2"...) 2. The NPC responds to "Text2"...
  4. BL Coding Determine the current state of the game (character) С#

    Is it possible to track the state of the game at the moment when the event occurs.? For example - on the global map or conversation or inventory menu. let's finish so I can output the message once at the event OnGameStart protected override void OnGameStart(Game game, IGameStarter...
  5. SireKorentos_TV

    Modify the flow of time - (modding help)

    Hello, 👋 I'm new as regards modding, and I would like to create a "native mod like", but which would be more realistic. The first element I would like to modify is the flow of time in the game. The speed of time isn't to be modify, I just want to set that a year in game is not made up of 80...
  6. Dark 🦁

    EU TDM Completed [Event] Ruins of Jawwali [EU] [5th June]

    The battle is raging near Jawwali, the Vlandian armies are approaching and everything seems to indicate that the battle will take place on the ruins of the ancient castle. 15 15 15 7 8 Resolute Bataillon Sacré La Légion du Cerbère Royaume de Cintra Royaume de Cintra...
  7. BL Coding Help initializing a battle of my own

    Hello everyone, I need to initialize a field battle within my campaign and, while searching for how native starts its battles I found how it started its custom battle. It uses the function "OpenCustomBattleMission" which can be found in the class "BannerlordMissions". This is the function which...
  8. Oyunun Krallık Sistemi

    Herkese merhaba , öncelikle hayal kırıklıklarımı yazıya dökmek için ilk defa bir forumda yer alıyorum hatam olursa affola. Mount blade serisini ilk oyundan bu yana oynamış ilk mount blade oyununda kara şövalye görünce (çocukluk zamanları) far görmüş tavşan gibi hayretle bakan biri olarak bende...
  9. BL Coding How are orders issued to your own troops?

    Hello everyone, I already know how the enemy AI fights against the player, it uses the classes Tactics which give Behaviors to each formation. What I need to learn is how the player gives orders to their owns troops. Using the default controls, when I press "1" it selects infantry and when I...
  10. RavenAstra

    BL Coding Custom Kingdom Help - Keeps crashing upon making a new kingdom yet is coded properly

    I've made a custom kingdom and it works perfectly fine up to the point when I try to start a new campaign. Everything loads in properly according to my default log, aside from something from Sandbox. I haven't overridden anything from Vanilla. I can share my files and screenshots of what's going...
  11. BL Coding Is there a way to create new Behaviors from BehaviorComponent?

    Hello everyone, I am currently working on a mod that aims to overhaul the battle AI currently implemented on Bannerlord. I am using Harmony and I already know what I need to do in order to change the AI during a battle. I have created my own tactics which use the behaviors already implemented by...
  12. armodies

    Bannerlord krallık yok etme

    İmparatorluklardan 2 tanesinin tüm topraklarını aldım lordlarını kendime çektim. 3-5 klan kaldılar ve hiç toprakları yok haydut gibi takılıyolar etrafta 20 kişi köylerimi yağmalayıp duruyolar. Yönetici klan dışındakiler zaten paralı askerler ben bu krallıkları nasıl tamamen yok ederim?
  13. stages of siege

    After playing Battlefield V recently, I have an idea that the city wall is divided into 1 to 3 levels and can be made into 2 to 4 stages, each stage occupying 2 to 3 points (Banners). After the last stage is occupied, the remaining defenders retreat into the castle to fight for the castle...
  14. ch1cken

    Bannerlord Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Kılavuz

    Bannerlord Yeni Başlayanlar İçin Kılavuz 1 Evet, uzun bir süre sonra bannerlord çıktı. Ve warband'a göre çok fazla yenilik var. İlk olarak getirilen yeniliklere bir bakalım. İlk olarak en göze çarpan yenilik, grafikler. Warband'dakinden çok daha güzel ve estetik haritalar-bölgeler var...
  15. Kleidophoros

    Mod Ekibi Toplama Başlığı

    Mod konusu açmadan önce ekibe adam lazımsa buraya yazın, konu dışı iletiler atmayın. Öyle işte.
  16. In Progress Crash on launch/startup MB2

    Crash I managed to get to the launch GUI so far but when I press play at singleplayer or multiplayer i right away get a white screen that says "The application faced a problem. We need to collect necessary files to fix this problem. Would you like to upload these files now?" (picture 1) if I...
  17. Fabous

    Resolved Stutterin during the battle when new troops arrive(spawning)

    I have constant stutters and fps-drops, in large battles at the moment when new units spawn on the map, not matter in what ammount. Also if I just started the game and went to the global map or for a long time was in pause mode, then at the first "movement" it also freezes for 1-2 seconds...
  18. killyouready

    SP Native Red Alert IV: dota2 vs lol (alpha v0.45 released)

    i want to combine red alert and league of legends together.and make such operation come you can download demo v0.45. and orignal uiploaded version is v0.22. you can download this primary alpha mod trial at...
  19. solaire95

    Resolved There's an issue with the Lord Wants X Captured on 1.4.3 Beta

    This is the after battle where I'm supposed to capture the lord, but instead it shows the text when you initiate conversation. I tried capturing Lantanor 3 times now, with no luck.
  20. pockeDed

    18-ть модов, которые на 100% вас заинтересуют. [Рекомендовано к просмотру]

    Очень интересная подборка :xf-wink:
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