1. DennyWiseau

    Sh*tpost for the devs<3

    For what its worth I think the core experience of Bannerlord is really good, combat is much improved, especially when coupled with mods like realistic battles. I've enjoyed the game for over 500 hours so far and look forward to when the game is released and modding really gets rolling. I know...
  2. Gastly

    Banned? Again? Noice

    Hello, I was in mid of a Skirmish match when I get kicked out of it to get a banned warning for Teamkilling... It's the second time it happens and who knows me on MP, knows that it happens either by mistake or we're friends (in which they are okay with it). However, I do teamkill AND REPORT...
  3. Sunucudan Atılma problemi

    millet ben oyunda yeni sayılırım multisinde daha doğru .Aşırı toxit oyuncular vardı üzerimize koşup bizi tp liyen ve ana avrat sövmemize rağmen durmayanlar bn tr duel sunucusundan çok küfür ettiğim için atıldığımdan endişeliyim lütfen bana bir şans verin bir iletişime geçin banımı veya bu...
  4. lokaler Warband Server - "Ihr wurdet verbannt"

    Hallo Leute, ich möchte gerne im lokalen Netzwerk einen Mount & Blade Warband Server einrichten. Das funktioniert auch wunderbar und der Server wird von den Clients gefunden, aber ich kann mich nicht mit dem Server verbinden. Es kommt jedes Mal die Fehlermeldung: "Ihr wurdet von diesem Server...
  5. Resolved Banned from my own server?

    I've been playing with a couple friends on a dedicated server I usually host (on the same computer I play on), only recently when I try to join, I get a message that says "you have been banned from this server." There's no ban list in the server files, and I tried adding an empty text file. My...
  6. AmroMohd

    Unresolved Guys Please help me !

    I've banned my bro from my server for fun. Turns out this is crazy and I can't unban him. How can I unban him As fast as possible And what are the server files and where can I find them PLEASE HELP ASAP
  7. Resolved Banned for teamkilling

    Hi, i'm dumb I killed a bunch of my allies, won't do it again I promise. I've been banned like two days. And now I'm supposed to be unbanned but still banned as you can see in this screen : Don't know what to do ? Is it normal. Thanks :smile: I'm currently In France if you were wondering
  8. MiguelSnake

    Unresolved [e1.1.0 - beta] Banned for spam - changing badges

    A friend got banned for 4 minutes while waiting in a queue for Skirmish. He was changing his badges. The reason given to him was: "Spam"
  9. Shady Community Hub Bans?

    So I'll admit. I'm shocked. Never have I been banned from a community forum. Heck, I imagine you have to do some serious stuff, like the usage of racial slurs. Or spamming threads. Or something of that nature. Not because of 'ideology'. What? Didn't make a single thread, posted both against...
  10. banned?

    i just saw i got banned untill the 31st. it there any way to know the exact reason i got banned and maybe a posibility to get unbanned? also im sorry if this is misplaced. if so where is the right place for this question.
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