1. Acid91

    Hideout System Compromise

    There seems to be two extremes available now. Vanilla lets us take a tiny amount of men to get crushed, or mods that allow us to take a silly amount of troops in to battle. How about you change the system to allow us to take whom and how many we want, but the more we take, the less of the...
  2. Bandits and Looters systems

    Bandits: Most bandits should have a "home", that they try to patrol around. This should either be a city or a hideout. They should at times enter back into the city or hideout; the numbers should change depending on how many are out on the map patrolling. City Bandits: They should be able to...
  3. buz

    Haydut sayılarını düzenledim (min:10 max:20)

    üç beş kişilik haydut grupları spawnlanıp duruyordu. ben de xml dosyalarıyla oynayıp en az 10, en fazla 20 kişi ve her grupta en az bir şef olacak şekilde düzenledim. isteyenler deneyebilir, "modules" klasörüne atmanız yeterli. burdan indir
  4. Sebber48

    Bandit balancing and Lord armies balancing

    A lot of people, especially on reddit, have reported issues regarding bandit parties constantly kidnapping lords. This is due to the issue that bandit parties scale with player levels, as well as lords starting with 0 in their army, when defeated. I have a few suggestions on how to adress this...
  5. alexispao

    Patrols for Cities & Castles

    IIRC in Warband you could "hire" patrols that dealt with local bandits and raiders, and kept the settlement's territory safe for villagers and caravans. It would be nice to see that feature return, as bandits and looters are affecting the economy severely, and Kings/Lords shouldn't have to...
  6. cyresdog

    Features that HAVE to be in the Game... i hope

    First of all, i love Bannerlord and since this is Early Access i don't expect everything to run as intented. But somehow there is one thing that really bothers me since Warband, why is there no way to Ambush someone? Why would an Outlaw run up to a Caravan and be like "Lets fight - Alright! This...
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