bandit troops

  1. Xaerdys

    [Suggestion] Split up Disciplinarian Perk

    The Disciplinarion Perk is good. In fact it's so good,the author of (Who was that again?) urges you to get this perk. Thats because Tier 4 bandits can be converted to the noble line of their respective cultures troops. Which is good, and, I guess, the reason, why you get...
  2. Unresolved Roguery doesn't level up from recruiting and training bandit troops.

    I've been using a lot of bandit troops throughout the entirety of my game because one of the best ways to get troops is to hoard prisoners and slowly recruit them. However I've never gotten a level up while levelling up bandit troops or recruiting them. I'd be a much, much higher roguery level...
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