bandit gameplay

  1. [OSOD] Imperator

    Bandits Life For Me

  2. Resolved Bandit/Roguery Bugs

    Summary: 1-The perk Promises is not working as intended, the party uses +50% food on bandit troops. 2-The "Thug" troop tree that can be obtained trough back alley gameplay are not tagged as bandit, they don't benefit from roguery perks. 3-When trying to manage back alley troops there is a chance...
  3. kopus

    Desert Bandit Camps

    I've been clearing every other bandit camp easily even before the nerf a while back on realistic difficulty. My issue with the Desert Bandit Camp however is that there's no good spot to take cover or station your units. The aggro range is pretty much the entire entrance. It just feels poorly...
  4. niekdegrijze

    gangleader only gives bandit recruits

    i find it strange that you can recruit faction troops from the criminal underground. additionally this limits the possibility to recruit bandits/outlaws. my suggestion is to limit the recruits from gangleader notables to the bandit/outlaw troop trees. ps: if someone can point me to the right...
  5. niekdegrijze

    BL Coding Bandit recruitment from gangleader notable

    I basically want to add another type of recruit to cultures. At the moment you have 2 types of units: basic and elite . I would like to add a third type to cultures (bandits) and make it so that the gang leader notable is only offering bandit units as recruits. can someone point me to the...
  6. Bandit gameplay extended

    It would be great to have an alternative scenario of game play instead of being good guy to be a bandit with its deep world. 1) when reputation with kingdom is very bad the player could make his base in hideout. Conquer or buy the hideout and use it like a castle but in bandit life. 2) hideout...
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