1. Filips

    "Kony" Teamkiller Siege EU Official Server

    I already reported this player through the game, Why he wasn't automatically kicked after killing so many of the team?
  2. The seqs team must be banned

    Hello TW, The seqs guyz must be banned from multiplayer siege servers. They r annoying af. They r ALWAYS backcappin & they ruin the fun for everyone. They should FIGHT before capturing the flag, but they play dirty! When I try to stop them, they drop their weapons & run away. The only way to...
  3. akrebimsi

    Resolved Tarihine Kadar Yasaklandım (Ban )

    Bugün oyuna girmeye çalıştığımda, "*boşluk* tarihine kadar oyundan yasaklandın, Nedeni: *boşluk*" gibi bir yazıyla karşılaştım. Bunun sebebi nedir? ayrıca süre ve neden neden belirtilmemiş?
  4. EinsteinsViolin

    Sebebi ve süresi belirtilmeksizin çok oyunculu oyundan yasaklandım.| ı was banned from bannerlord without any reason.

    Bugün oyuna girmeye çalıştığımda, "*boşluk* tarihine kadar oyundan yasaklandın, Nedeni: *boşluk*" gibi bir yazıyla karşılaştım. Bunun sebebi nedir? ayrıca süre ve neden neden belirtilmemiş? When I tried to log in to the game today, I came across a message like "You have been banned from the...
  5. Closed Ban Appeal

    Summary: I was banned for no reason with no unban date Steam ID: 76561198138341071 I was banned for no reason with no unban date, I would love to know why I was banned and how long the ban is for. Or if this was a mistake entirely. I was playing last night completely fine but tried to log on...
  6. Why I am banned again

    same reason,I've only played duel server and TDM in last two weeks. why I'm banned from friendly damage?
  7. Resolved server

    The problem has been resolved.
  8. Where do I report a player who break several captain mod games?

    Player is killing friendly troops, I reported him ingame but I was told to post screens in this forum somewhere. Do you know where this should go? Kind Regards Sputnik
  9. 5 months ban from profanity

  10. Argonia

    Ban skirmish troll pls

    Bann the troll Zbyszko Z Bogdańca pls. Yesterday and today he just drop his weapon then run away and hide until end of round. He do it every round in every skirmish match. He already reported many times by different players, but still trolling. Matches with this kind of trolls absolutely...
  11. AlpErTunga37

    Konuyu açarken ben utandım

    Ya arkadaşlar bunlar nasıl uslüb bu nasıl küfür oyunlarda bana çok küfür edildi onları reportlamadım şikayet etmedim muhattap alıp ugraşmadım ama böyle bir sövme olamaz bu insanların aidiyet hissetigi baglı oldukları bir millet yokmu dinleri imanları yokmu?
  12. thethingrus

    Open [Mount & Blade: Warband] Multiplayer->Host a Game: "You are banned from this server" (license)

    Hello, I bought 2 keys of 'Mount & Blade: Warband' through two different Steam accounts. I'm trying to set up the multiplayer game over LAN. So, I do the following steps: 1) On the first computer: start 'Host Game'. 2) On the second computer: Join a game. We select the only server. After that...
  13. Sral23

    Ongoing RDMs by Ciirus_des_Aigles

    First of all, normally i wouldnt give those guys this immense amount of attention like i am doing right now, Ciirus_des_Aigles is a guy, constantly RDMing on the Duel Server, specifically EUDuel. He got banned and continued RDMing after the ban expired. I hereby request a permanent ban for this...
  14. Abbakus_86

    What the hell TW? Why i am getting banned for?

    I have been playing the game since day 1 and i am getting banned just typing <snip> in the chat. Seriously? All the garbage people out there spitting their ****ty racist idealogies out there are still there not getting a ban but i said the most unspeakable word for some reason. I have played...
  15. AljoLovesU

    15 minute ban for leaving needs rework... or matchmaking does

    So, I have no issue with a temporary ban for leavers, it can make skirmish very annoying if half your team decides to leave... BUT what taleworlds decided to implement is innately stupid when combined with their horrible (non-existent?) matchmaking system. WHY? 1. You can get matched in the...
  16. Barring

    Is there any posibility to get a teamkiller banned?

    Entered a match and this guy called SV!NT0, his steam profile is in the video description. As you can se in his profile he is trash and enjoys destroying his team's matches. Some comments: Two pics that demonstrate he is teamkilling and enjoying it. Look at the chat (with racist comments...
  17. Salvation1945

    How to Report Mods on steam Discussions for Bannerlord????/

    Recently on the steam discussions for Banner-lord a number of bait / silly threads flood the discussions for example - a poster made this thread The Poster who made that thread made a Troll/bait post about sexist mods and then went on a few rants about trump replying to...
  18. permanent community lock

    Good afternoon. I do not agree with permanent blocking, as I am a tester. I can not write topics, manuals. Steam tech support replied that it was TaleWorlds that could change the limit. Issue a temporary lock, remove the permanent. I attach a link to the profile...
  19. Shady Community Hub Bans?

    So I'll admit. I'm shocked. Never have I been banned from a community forum. Heck, I imagine you have to do some serious stuff, like the usage of racial slurs. Or spamming threads. Or something of that nature. Not because of 'ideology'. What? Didn't make a single thread, posted both against...
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