ban appeal

  1. ban appeal

    Ban appeal
  2. EinsteinsViolin

    Sebebi ve süresi belirtilmeksizin çok oyunculu oyundan yasaklandım.| ı was banned from bannerlord without any reason.

    Bugün oyuna girmeye çalıştığımda, "*boşluk* tarihine kadar oyundan yasaklandın, Nedeni: *boşluk*" gibi bir yazıyla karşılaştım. Bunun sebebi nedir? ayrıca süre ve neden neden belirtilmemiş? When I tried to log in to the game today, I came across a message like "You have been banned from the...
  3. Hello, please unban me.

    Can I please get unbanned. It states no reaosn why I was banned and for how long I am banned. It must be a mistake because I did not break any rules as far as I remember. Can I get unbanned please ._. Steam-ID: 76561198115218034
  4. Hello, I got a question about me being banned.

    So I have been banned, no reason given. Wanted to ask where I can appeal my ban? I didndu nuthin on my mom. Ingame name is LePapaDoc :smile: Steam-ID: 76561198115218034
  5. Closed Ban Appeal

    Summary: I was banned for no reason with no unban date Steam ID: 76561198138341071 I was banned for no reason with no unban date, I would love to know why I was banned and how long the ban is for. Or if this was a mistake entirely. I was playing last night completely fine but tried to log on...
  6. Resolved Ban appeal

    My name is Calradius, I don’t even play often but as of recent have been getting into playing multiplayer, I barely talk unless theres some funny dialogue going on and I will go with the flow and temperature of the talk. Unless everyone else was also banned, I was just talking the same as...
  7. Team killer please ban him

    You can see his name in the video. he's been doing this for a month now other players complained about his toxic behaviour. now that it's hard to kick people this behaviour goes unpunished (you can see a poll failing in the video). pls ban him for a decent amount of time if you short ban him he...
  8. Ban reason

    Summary:I was banned for inappropriate behaviour, however I wasn't given detail about what the inappropriate behaviour was. May I ask to check my logs and let me know the reason so that I know what I should do next time properly? my steamID is anning5 How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related)...
  9. 依然添雨柔成泷

    i get banned

    i get a global ban#b0f752,I remember a month ago,i`m playing the bannerlord online.Then i think is boring so i played half of month singleplay and some other game.but today i can`t playing the Multiplayer game,i alway use many vpn and game speed...
  10. HenrykSikora1683

    How to get unbanned?

    Got banned recently for "violating duel server rules" and now the game won't let me log in. Pretty sure this is in regards to an incident yesterday on EUDuel where I was killing people somewhat unprovoked. This only happened after they started by attacking me, but I admit I probably took things...
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