1. LDominating

    Resolved Missing Daughter

    Summary: There's a crash happening after you solve the quest "Missing Daughter" or whatever is called. It occurs to me everytime in the village of Dalmengus,quest giver was in Eberets,both are Marunath's villages. Any outcome of the quest occurs in a crash WHEN leaving the village. How to...
  2. Larsus

    Resolved Crash during "Landowner wants his Daughter Found" quest

    Summary: Game crashes when trying to leave village after dueling the daughter's partner How to Reproduce: When doing the quest "Landowner wants his Daughter Found", after finding the couple and failing the dialogue to convince the daughter, her partner challenges us to a duel. After winning it...
  3. Resolved Game Crash when trying to leave Village

    Summary:I have a quest to save a kidnapped daughter. When I go into the village (Bog Beth) and complete the quest objective when I hold down tab to leave my game crashes. I skipped the quest came back after 20 days in game and still have the same issue. How to Reproduce:I can go into town and...
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