1. Resolved tooltip

    If you clear a bandit point in a city and leave it empty, then in many menus inappropriate text will appear on the OK button.
  2. Resolved Thug

    In cities, you can hire mercenaries in the tavern and you can hire thugs in the city, but only these or those, while the number and price of them are the same.
  3. Modded Me against my garrison

    Summary: I fight against my garrison How to Reproduce: If you join the defense of the castle, when there is a garrison sortie. Have you used cheats and if so which: No
  4. In Progress Lords are stuck on the campaign map

    The caravan was attacked by robbers. Other lords joined the caravan. As a result, half of the lords of my faction have been fighting bandits for a week, collecting more and more lords in this bug. I can't help myself - there is no button to intervene in the fight. I can't interact with these...
  5. Resolved Memory leak 16gigs

    The game begins to use, in addition to RAM, the swap file, which is why the game starts to slow down very much(even with low graphics settings ). I reinstalled Windows, updated drivers, reinstalled the game. It has 16 gigs of RAM itself, an RX 5700 XT video card, an AMD 3600 processor, win 10. I...
  6. Заметки (пожелания и предложения) по версии e1.4.2

    Приветствую всех, захватил карту через казни за кузаитов и решил поделится своими заметками по этой версии e1.4.2. 1) Когда ты казнил вражеского лидера фракции то автоматически заключается мир .... Баг или фича? 2) От караванов нету толку их грабят по кд. 3) Когда играешь очень долго то...
  7. There's bag with lord's enticement

    For example the lord had pursued me and I decided to attack him, but in last moment I changed my mind and didn't want to battle him. I found the dialog of enticement. So I succsed to entice the lord to my kingdom, but he still pursue me and talk to me: "You luck is run out", but not attacked me...
  8. Laytovuy

    SP - General Add menu "bug" or "suggestion" in game.

    Add a panel "find bug" to the game, with the ability to add photos. Can add select zone "bug" on photo, and comment. This will appear in your history messages or suggestion in game. And developers can mark as read or done, or reply. And add be able to customize before battle model of behavior...
  9. Help me Please!

    There is no button to cancel or accept, and when I go into battle with other lords and when I choose what I will command, then there is also no button to accept or cancel and I’m all in a bug. Who will tell you what to do? Screenshot:
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