1. Keimpe

    In Progress Wrong backdrop for Tavern talk

    Summary: When fasttalk tavern, wrong backdrop shows. How to Reproduce: Sometimes backdrop of a kings hall is used when fast talking. Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name Epicrotea Media (Screenshots & Video)...
  2. IdyllicNymph

    Resolved Kingdom Background Color

    I declared independence from Vlandia and still have a red background. Granted I did choose kingdom culture Vlandian but after 15 or so total hours of a successful war I really don't want to boot up an old save if kingdom culture dictates color. Red bothers me soo much-_- At release I uploaded a...
  3. nereid

    Quick Talk Background

    Thanks for adding the quick talk function. I really like it but could you please create a distinction between the village and town quick talk background? For example using the quick talk function to talk to a village headman in Vlandia will result in the headman talking in front of a city wall...
  4. Add option to disable sound when game is minimized

    It can be quite annoying with music constantly playing in the background.
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