1. snuggans

    what are the conditions to trigger pregnancy?

    initially i read that the two characters have to be in the same settlement or party, but then i read some 2 year old reddit posts that had governors in two different towns have a baby, and 2 different party leaders also having a baby. i'm wondering if there's just the one way or if theres...
  2. LDominating

    In Progress New borns

    Summary:New borns are teenage,bald models on the beta patch,even at a few months old. It's in 1.6.4 not 1.6.3. How to Reproduce:Play the beta. Have you used cheats and if so which:No Scene Name (if related):Unrelated Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS:Win 10 GPU:RTX 3060 GPU Driver...
  3. BulletTrain


    So I just started playing 1.5.7 Beta and ran into THIS which almost made me fall out of my chair laughing. This is by far my favourite bug of all time and I am not sure I want it fixed. ? But for the betterment of community I will share the details and let developers decide whether to make this...
  4. No baby after 5 in game years of marriage

    Basically what the title says, my character is now 44 years old, the spouse is 24 years old and still no baby, I keep her in my party. Any idea what the issue might be?
  5. When is the Chaikand kindergarten thingy gonna be solved?

    Save the poor teleporting babies. Come on TW it's not that hard.:LOL:
  6. Hamilelik

    Ben Yana ile evlendim şuan ilişkimiz "3". 2 Tane kalem var. Kalelerden birine Yana'yı vali atadım ve "Burada bir süre bekle" seçeneğine tıkladım. Günlerce bekledim (7-8 gün) daha sonra sefere çıktım aylar yıllar geçti ama hala hamile kalmadı. Aynı şeyleri tekrar yaptım yine hamile kalmadı. Bu...
  7. zarib

    Marriage and having baby

    I got married with love of my life, Yana, Keep her close to me and as a result i got 8 child from her, she died while giving birth to 8th one, Then i married with another kuzait lady, this time i gave her an troop and send away, i dont know how but i got 4 child from her too, she is pregnant to...
  8. Rais Kids

    Hi my problem at the moment is that my 5 kids are still baby's in the "HOLDING" status. Is there a way to see how old my kids are or is that a bug that my kids don't grow up?
  9. DukeDunac

    Need More Info [Mother] gave birth to child notification is broken

    Summary: The notification for a mother giving birth doesn't show the name of the mother, as seen in the image. I don't know of anything I could have done to cause this because this has been an issue with every child born through multiple playthroughs. How to Reproduce: Wait for a child to be...
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