1. UsainVanRudisha

    Thanks for the OCE Battle mode server

    Hey Taleworlds, thanks so much for the OCE battle mode server, you have made our wishes come true! However there is a small issue: team damage is disabled. Team damage is actually a mechanic many in our community have been looking forwards to. Again, thanks so much for the server, and if you...
  2. UsainVanRudisha

    Oceania Servers

    This post is on behalf of the OCE community, and other neglected communities. The purpose of this post is to receive a definitive answer from the devs as to why the OCE region (among others) continues to be neglected; we have no captain mode, no skirmish, and no battle mode. We have no...
  3. Bronze_Yohn

    Jim's Bannerlord Australia & New Zealand [Jims]

    G'day! Jim's Bannerlord AUS/NZ are an active & rapidly growing Bannerlord community that caters to both casual and competitive players. We're bringing the Oceanic servers back to life for Aussies & Kiwi's with scheduled community events - as well as participating in international multiplayer...
  4. Kingdom of Humbleberry [OCE]

    Kingdom of Humbleberry [OCE]

    We are currently open to the public, the only requirement for joining that you are in the OCE region, and you change your name to either: Sir (NAME) of Humbleberry if you’re a dude or Lady (NAME) of Humbleberry if you’re a chick. You can join our discord server with this link...
  5. Virtuosho

    Skulldrinkers (AU/NZ Clan / Community)

    Hey guys, long time harvester first time caller Early access Warband WAS my childhood (sprinkled with some Quake/Team Fortress Classic), having played the game for 48 hours straight now it's fair to say i am addicted all over again. Keen to get some sort of Aussie community going, with the aim...
  6. Legio XIX [AU/NZ]

    Legio XIX [AU/NZ]

    Our Playstyle The 19th Legion is a versatile and experienced unit consisting of members from AU, US and EU veterans of M&B: Warband in Native, Napoleonic Wars and North and South. We will be attending the majority of the Oceanic events with the intention to expand overseas in time. The Legion...
  7. Quick play is cool but...

    ...I'm from Australia. Why is there no Oceania region and should there be one?
  8. Osama ze Llama

    [AU/NZ/OCE] Lords of Calradia (LoC) - Bannerlord MP Community

    Who are we? Lords of Calradia is an Australian hosted Bannerlord Community that is catering for the Oceania region. Founded on 28th October 2019 by M&B Veterans Osama ze Llama & RomaN, we have grown exponentially, with our Discord server reaching 180+ members within a couple of months of...
  9. Balgard Varangian Guard

    Balgard Varangian Guard

    "The Sturgian forests are forbidding and cold, but great wealth lies within. Wild honey can be found, and bog iron, but the real prize has always been fur. For centuries, brave traders ventured there to buy the pelts of fox, rabbit and ermine from the tribes of the woods. As the empire expanded...
  10. Bannerlord Oceania

    Bannerlord Oceania

    Chat and play with fellow Bannerlorders from Australia, New Zealand, and surrounds, safe from the high ping Europeans and Americans.
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