audio error

  1. Dmitrov

    In Progress Horses moving can cause audio cut outs

    Summary: vast amounts of horses moving can make audio glitches hapoen. Like bows being silent or voices being static or melee weapons hitting sheilds being spotty How to Reproduce: have lots or cavlary or horse archers move around Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video):
  2. Dmitrov

    In Progress Audio glitch with may horses

    Summary: The bow makes no sound when shot if multile horse like 60 to 200 horses running around at once. Charaters talking and weapons hitting each otherthe audio getsvwry spotty as well How to Reproduce: have horses run around and start shooting bows. Like 60 to 200 should be enough and they...
  3. In Progress Ending video audio issues

    I had just finished the main story, and the ending video was playing, however the background music was also playing, so the video and the background music for the game were playing at the same time.
  4. Resolved Problem with find new language

    I have a problem with changing the language in the game, as on the steam platform, there are only four languages that were from the beginning and the new ones are not
  5. ChristopherR

    Multiplayer Sound Glitch (DISTURBING)

    So me and a few got queued up into a skirmish match which is rare in and of itself, but to our surprise we hear this. Siege. We are on East NA Skirmish and we hear catapults being launched, bombs going off, whenever we stab something it sounds like we are poking the target or shooting it with a...
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