1. LuProHD

    Bannerlord is way to colorful!

    In the old gameplay Videos Bannerlord was looking more dark and not that colorful like its right now. Here is an example: I hope they gonna change the atmosphere and also make the units not uniformly and so much colorfull i preffer way darker colors for the units. Those battles looked way...
  2. LuProHD

    Atmosphere not applyed to map in custom battle?

    Hello i created an map and in editor i can see my atmosphere. When i click on save to scene button and leave the editor and start the custom battle its not applyed to my map but in editor yes. Is there a way to make custom battle or campaign scenes with the atmosphere editor?
  3. NorthWind

    Weather Conditions.

    Hey everyone i have been playing BL for some time now, but i had a sudden realization, i have never seen rain or rainy weather in game. Has anyone else seen rain or thunderstorm or different weather conditions at all, snowstorms i have seen. I swear that i have seen rain shown in the dev blog...
  4. SP - Battles & Sieges Realistic Battle Sound

    Hi there, I played M&B since years and what i still missing, is a stunning battle atmosphere during siege and field battles. I always wonder, if i stay in front of a castle in the middle of hundreds of soldiers, rolling battering rams and firing catapults and no one of the men are shouting or...
  5. joverman

    SP - General SIEGE and BATTLE AI tips

    Hello developers, I just want to share my tip with you. I think the experience from siege battles is still very low on something what we waited for so long. I know there are some basic issues about AI movement on citadels/walls etc... But i rly need from AI (soldiers) the "ability" to make A...
  6. mr.master

    SP - General Battle Atmosphere

    NOTE: This a copy from my old post. Some of these points still stand. One the crucial points of improvement that I personally am expecting from Bannerlord is the battle atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, alot has been done, and by far, it is better than Warband at this point. However, I do believe...
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