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  1. Bunduk

    Bannerlord is way to colorful!

    In the old gameplay Videos Bannerlord was looking more dark and not that colorful like its right now. Here is an example: I hope they gonna change the atmosphere and also make the units not uniformly and so much colorfull i preffer way darker colors for the units. Those battles looked way...
  2. Bunduk

    BL Scening Atmosphere not applyed to map in custom battle?

    Hello i created an map and in editor i can see my atmosphere. When i click on save to scene button and leave the editor and start the custom battle its not applyed to my map but in editor yes. Is there a way to make custom battle or campaign scenes with the atmosphere editor?
  3. NorthWind

    Weather Conditions.

    Hey everyone i have been playing BL for some time now, but i had a sudden realization, i have never seen rain or rainy weather in game. Has anyone else seen rain or thunderstorm or different weather conditions at all, snowstorms i have seen. I swear that i have seen rain shown in the dev blog...
  4. Realistic Battle Sound

    Hi there, I played M&B since years and what i still missing, is a stunning battle atmosphere during siege and field battles. I always wonder, if i stay in front of a castle in the middle of hundreds of soldiers, rolling battering rams and firing catapults and no one of the men are shouting or...
  5. joverman

    SIEGE and BATTLE AI tips

    Hello developers, I just want to share my tip with you. I think the experience from siege battles is still very low on something what we waited for so long. I know there are some basic issues about AI movement on citadels/walls etc... But i rly need from AI (soldiers) the "ability" to make A...
  6. mr.master

    Battle Atmosphere

    NOTE: This a copy from my old post. Some of these points still stand. One the crucial points of improvement that I personally am expecting from Bannerlord is the battle atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, alot has been done, and by far, it is better than Warband at this point. However, I do believe...
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