1. dijiTurk

    Some of the Artisticc Artworks from the CN Forum - 2021Q1

    I wondered & checked artworks at the links below.. And, also wanted to pick & share some of them here. (I picked some, & shared in this thread. You can go to link for the owners of artworks) 'Cause seeing Butterlord related artworks is a good thing, and you may also want to see...
  2. ZydrateTheSmoothCriminal

    Warband or Bannerlord artwork?

    Personally I liked Warband's artwork way more, how it blends in with the menu and how believable it is. For comparison: Warband Bannerlord: Of course Warband had much more drawings for pretty much every situation, escaping from captivity, resting in camp, wages being paid etc.
  3. salaamdune

    Need More Info Inventory item and NPC artwork (more?) forever loading

    Hello all, not seeing a post about this. Perhaps i am querying wrong or it is an issue unique to me. Most NPCs and Inventory items are showing up either as loading circles, or with no artwork. I have verified all installation files via Steam. Not sure what else to do. Restarting makes most...
  4. WouLinX

    Wallpaperlar Ne Zaman Paylaşılacak?

    Sağdan soldan, başka dergi siteleri altından wallpaper topluyoruz. Artık resmi sitede de bütün wallpaperların paylaşılma vakti gelmedi mi? Ben Full HD'sini zor buldum, uzun süredir de kullanıyorum. 4K kullananlar zaten bulamamıştır heralde. Bence resmi olarak paylaşın, hem son bir ay kala fan...
  5. Piconi

    🗂️ Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    Last updates - OP on 05. December 2019. / concepts up to page #16 As we can see, the main man Armağan himself has blessed this thread . Only together we can engold Bannerlord ! Everything is inside the spoilers which are directly below the respective faction flags. There are...
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