arrow barrels

  1. sh1ny4

    Arrow Barrels improvements for sieges and crossbows

    Siege battle realy need some small improvement that would make some playthroughs much more viable: Arrow Barrels should also provides bolts and javelin/throwing axes (the last two could be discussed). I went for a crossbow playthrough, and their only advantages against bows is precision, while...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.6.4 Beta] Troops and player get stuck on the Arrow Barrel platform in offensive (outside) siege map.

    Summary: This particular structure seems to attract ranged units when attacking and they get stuck on it as shown in video. I tried to explore one and also got stuck on it, as seen in video. How to Reproduce: I'm not sure which maps have this structure, but do a normal deployment siege attack to...
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