1. Lords does not recruit new troops

    Having played a large amount of time as a vassal of Sturgia, I noticed that the Lords do not recruit new troops. In my case, Sturgia is at war with Vlandia. And after a certain number of battles, there remain only lords with 5-30 units in their armies. The situation does not change over time. In...
  2. Trixet

    Recruiting party member lower Max Army Size

    Hey! Love the game, however found a slight Issue. It seems that whenever I recruit a new Party/Clan member, my total amount of Max Army Size goes down. For Example I had a maximum of 119, then hired a new Party Member and immediately went down to 95. I made him into a Governor instead, which...
  3. Traxtopelle

    How can we enter as a soldier in a lord army

    I remember doing this in Warband natif and a mod for GOT called ACOK. You talk to a lord saying that you wishe to join is army and in doing so you have to get XP to have a better grade until you are a big Knight. So my question, is that possible in Mount & Blade : Bannerlord II ?
  4. Choose a Party to lead

    So im in an Army and when the battle starts i haven to choos witch troop i lead. How can i start the Battle?
  5. [NA] Clan Arrling | Bannerlord

    [NA] Clan Arrling | Bannerlord

    Hello! Welcome to Clan Arrling, thrall. We are a Northlander Infantry Warband that focuses on individual prowess, group fighting, and discipline in battle. Clan Arrling strives to provide a semi-serious operating environment where all types of players can come together and hone their skills and...
  6. Unit control! Captains! An Optional idea!

    I had an idea after watching a multiplayer battle! The captain, which is the main character, always has to run back and forth between different units like cavalry, archers, and infantry to control them! This is find an dandy. But I had an idea! An idea I would like to share to possibly make the...
  7. Vlandian Guard

    Hello All I am Napoleon of the West Vlandian Army[WVA] We are an NA army that has origins in NAS and I am recruiting for our Heavy Infantry regiment however we are looking to fill all our ranks so don't feel like you have to be interested in heavy infantry to find a part in our army/clan. If...
  8. Venture Swords (EU mostly)

    Venture Swords (EU mostly)

    Who are we? Venture Swords is a Bannerlord specific clan created by myself and a few others for a friendly but semi competitive environment to play together. The core group are M&B Warband veterans having played and led in a range of mods and DLC's from; native competitive, Napoleonic wars...
  9. Milites Fortunae [MF]

    Milites Fortunae [MF]

    Milites Fortunae About us Milites Fortunae (eng. Soldiers of Fortune) is a Multiplayer clan for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Built from a core group of friends and players together since 2013, we are a group of experienced Warband players, admins and developers. The core...
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