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  1. BrokenOlive

    Need More Info Allied Army AI only charging.

    So, whenever I form a Army and enter battle and delegate command off, all the AI ever does is charge even though we have high ground or they out number us. Ally AI no longer tries to do the most advantageous decision now. Edit: It seems that it's on and off. Sometimes it will work, other times...
  2. Need More Info Convinced enemy Army leader to defect during pre battle parley, got to speak with the second leader, started battle first leader got back as an enemy

    As per title. I managed to convince an enemy army leader (with 6 or so other groups within his army) to join me, then I couldn't do the same to the next in command as it was their King. I am sure the second army had defected to me though, i could see it in my roster and men count, but as the...
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