1. Need More Info Nobles spawn without weapons

    Summary: not sure if a bug or an oversight, but some nobles from rebel or companion clans spawn without armour and sometimes without weapons, so I've got someone running around the battlefield in a merchant coat, punching people. Is there a way to equip them? Or will you be implementing...
  2. Madijeis

    Making Bannerlord more colourful: Clan colours and Coat of Arms

    This is how shieldwalls used to look like. Large armies could feature a large array of colours and insignia that would make you remember whose troops are the ones you're seeing, and, most importantly, add visual variety to the game. With colours being faction-specific this has largely been lost...
  3. Joe Friday

    Absurd Horse Armour Stats?

    So, I was swapping out my brother's armour and was thinking of rewarding him with a Pureblood mount I got as loot after a fight. I then noticed the stats on his Scale Barring horse armour. I think I would have noticed these high stats before but they read as the following: Worth 114277 Weight...
  4. Joe Friday

    Vlandian Banner Knight and Champion Armour

    Which settlement sells their coat of plates? I am looking for some for I am now High King of Vlandia. The Banner Knight also has a gray hood I cannot find. I've also noticed some of the Vlandian lords have golden pauldrons that I cannot find.
  5. NicoleUK

    BL 3D Art Bannerlord - Adding custom armour (cloth physics issue?)

    Hey :) So Im trying to add some custom armour into my game but im having some issues that i cant seem to sort... Im basically adding a skirt to one of the chainmail tops, nothing fancy... I have managed to extract the meshes (using Tpac) and editing them in blender and imported it into the...
  6. In Progress Bear armour

    I've noticed this visual bug and don't know if it's known or not, cause I've been having a bit of a break from the game. Summary: Basically whenever you get hit, I assume whenever, because I noticed it in the arena, while wearing black bear pelt and helmet, they lose part of their textures. I...
  7. TheFuriousFinn

    Buff Battanian mail shoulders

    First off, I love the new armour, helmet and shield options for the Battanians. The player is now able to achieve the look of a Gallic warrior of the La Tene period, which has clearly inspired the designers. And it looks great, fitting the general Celtic Battanian theme very well. (See below for...
  8. Antaeus

    In Progress Shoulder armour doesn't fit female characters

    I tend to play as female characters... shoulder armour doesn't seem to quite fit them. It is a consistent experience for female characters. I'm currently on version 1.5.5 Beta, but it was also present on 1.5.4 and earlier versions. Summary: Most shoulder armour doesn't fit female characters...
  9. GrasSclammPferd

    More shoulder options for Vlandia and etc

    I think the easiest way to buff and add variety to Bannerknights and keep their aesthetics is to add mail under the current cloak shoulders, similar in the vein of Imperial leather shoulders with lamellar underneath. The best thing about this approach is since we have the chainmail shoulder...
  10. Custom armour and weapons modding

    Since modding tools are released I wanna make new armours and weapons.For example adding dragonborn armour from skyrim to bannerlord.Is it possible if so can someone teach me that I am not used to make mods but I could learn and make.
  11. cyberonn

    Realistic Approach on Armors

    Most people state that archers are OP. When I want to form a balanced army like %40 Infantry, %40 Archer and %20 Cavalry; battles are usually already won before any melee fight, thanks to archers. So it makes infantry useless. Yes, archers should counter infantry and I have no problem with...
  12. Ingolifs

    Armour. Why it doesn't work and how to make it work

    Why Armour doesn't work So I was inspired to make this post by two things. First, this video: And second: After being hit by a stone while wearing high quality armour Basically, armour seems to have bugger all effect in the game, and I went and investigated why. Behind the spoiler is the...
  13. Different defence types (No more 1-shot headshots with best helmet!)

    So, ranged weapons seem overpowered at the moment. It really sucks when you get 1-shot while wearing the best helmet in the game. I would suggest different defence types as a solution to this. With high tier armour being heavier plate or lamellar with a lot of metal while low tier armour tend...
  14. Long Padded Robe weight set to 22.3

    Version: 1.0.10 The armour item " Long Padded Robe " has a set weight of 22.3 (I guess instead of 2.3). That makes your char really encumbered while he should actually only wearing light armour. cheers
  15. Goutlard

    BL Coding Where are armor factors in M&B2 Bannerlord?

    Armor factors (armor_soak_factor and armor_reduction_factor) are really easy to find in M&B Warband, but I can't find them in Bannerlord. I would like to rebalance armor, does someone know where to look? Cheers!
  16. 9yearsago

    How do towns produce armour?

    How do towns produce armour? Is it related to town's inventory or shops in the town? Because town inventory, especially armors they sell never seem to change. I am filthy rich but I can't find high end armors in towns and apparently they remained same since the very beginning of the game.
  17. Suggestion about equipment of Imperial Troops

    Hello Devs, like title says i have sugggestions about imperial equipment. First about cataphracts, you specially made Imperial Lamellar Pauldrons, Boots and gauntlets so they fit to cataphract armour but at the end Cataphracts dont use them as set. Why? Here i edited troops to show how this...
  18. macapaca

    Need More Info Eastern Leather with Belt Armour - Possible weighting/vertices issue? (female)

    Also apparent when idle, furthermore the chest area looks like it has some form of flat shading.
  19. Jezskowitcz

    Where is all the high tier armour? And item modifiers?

    Maybe I am missing something, but after about three years of game, in shops I encounter the same armour & weapons as at the beginning. I have relatively a lot of money, but there is no way to spend them — if I want better gear. The best body armour I can get now is imperial lamellar armour that...
  20. Lack of Battanian armour in shops

    Has anyone else noticed the lack of battanian armour in towns all i seem to find is very low level highlander pieces?
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