armor bug

  1. Der_Adler

    Resolved Armor not showing on some frendly and enemy troops

    Summary: The problem is that when i start a battle with anyone (bandits, empire, etc) some of my and enemy troops does not have armor (I mean they have but its not showing and they are naked) Graphic setting are very, very high :smile: How to Reproduce: Just start random battle and check you'r...
  2. KratosMKII

    WB 3D Art Problem with some armors

    Does anyone know why?
  3. erden520

    Resolved Helmets issues after 1.5.6 Update.

    Something weird happened to helmets. Character's eyes are now above to helmets' visors. And something happened to character's beard too. I'm leaving here what i am trying to say. Before: / After: . I hope you fix this. (Another helmets also have the...
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