1. Namakan

    In Progress Glitching in and out of Duel Arenas

    Scene Name (if related): Proving Grounds Media (Screenshots & Video): I'll take that VIP badge, already have the bughunter one :^)
  2. Necropolitan13

    Super Simple Arena Fight Improvement: Entry Sound

    This is an incredibly small and simple thing, so I'll get right to the point: Add a positional sound effect when a new combatant spawns in the arena practice fight. Easily one of the most annoying things about this game is the practice fights in the arena, due to the simple fact that new...
  3. Resolved Tournament has no weapons/crashes. Can only resolve sieges. Conspiracy quest crashes game.

    Summary: Tournament crashes on skip and when it does load its a punch fest unless there are bows or maces. Always have to send troops for sieges. Attempting to lead the charge crashes game. Conspiracy Quest crashes game. How to Reproduce: Join Tournament (Save prepared), Siege, Finish Conspiracy...
  4. SveinnAsbjorn

    In Progress Sibir Arena Bug

    Summary:Sibir Arena texture bug How to Reproduce:go into the arena and turn around and wall into the wall and you will go through the wall Have you used cheats and if so which: no Scene Name (if related): Sibir Arena Media (Screenshots & Video):Sibir Arena Bug Computer Specs: OS:Windows 10 Home...
  5. Keimpe

    Resolved This arena is so entertaining...

    Summary: This arena is a waiting game How to Reproduce: Stand still at the short side, so no opponents spawn there. Then kill of any that try to come at you. Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name: Arena This particular arena is not entertaining. I just always wait a while at the...
  6. Satur9

    Betting on Arena matches without being a participant

    I've been playing around as a pure trader with no combat abilities and I have to say I miss the arena. Having to completely ignore that portion of the game because I'm unable to participate directly as a squishy merchant is pretty immersion breaking. It would be excellent if players could "join"...
  7. Peanut_Brother

    Placing torches for light around Arena scenes for when it's dark-ish

    Issue: While Tournaments and Arena fights are only available during the day, you can certainly find yourself joining during the morning or evening where visibility in general is lower than it is in the middle of the day. Possible Solution: Placing Torches around the arena would: look cool...
  8. WouLinX

    Arena Weapons (Secondary Sword)

    I really, really hate when they give me just spear or shield & spear. Yeah, i can fight againts horse riders but i can't fight others without sword. Can you guys add sword as a secondary weapon to everyone in the arena. I know archers have swords, throwables can use as melee weapons but if its...
  9. WouLinX

    Stake Damage in the Arenas

    There is no stake damage in the arenas. For example, i'm driving a horse so fast but doesn't get any damage when i hit the wooden stakes. It's not logical. I hope you fix this. Because they put them over there for this.
  10. TheKowalczuk

    In Progress Arena's Leaderboard is not counting victories

    STEPS - Go to a town - Go to Arena > Leaderboard CURRENT RESULT - The victory counter is 1 for all Heroes - I won the tournament at Epicrotea twice, but the victory counter is showing just 1 EXPECTED RESULT Everytime a hero wins the tournament, it should add +1 to victories leaderboard
  11. How can i change XP for arena fights in M&B Warband?

    Hello, how can i change XP gain for arena fights in Mount & Blade Warband? For example you get only 250xp for being last man standing, how can i change this to 2000xp :-)
  12. TheGioManDude

    Arena Overhaul

    The current system for Arenas is very simple nothing has changed since Warband. My suggestion is to make it a Championship type of thing, where the PC can start out from the easiest arenas (think of it as Leagues in Football (or soccer for the Americans)) and work your way up to the Champions...
  13. Etrepcar

    Resolved Pressing Shift+Tab (bringing up Steam Overlay) after getting knocked out in a practice fight will result in repeated prompts to leave + related issue

    Version: e1.4.1, but it happens in other, older versions too. The first issue: Pressing Shift-Tab (Steam Overlay) after getting knocked out in a practice fight in one of the arenas will sometimes (either at first or second time) result in a repeated prompt to leave, which won't go away after...
  14. Arena Betting Questions

    Hi, I was wondering how to bet on tournaments? I've tried in multiple cities but the bet button is greyed out for some reason and all the topics I've found make it seem so simple. I know I'm probably missing something obvious but I'm sure it has to do with the fact that the Stake and...
  15. abc123456

    Almost **** my pants fighting giant axeman with 100 AI level difficulty mod

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Bannerlord AI has a maximum possible AI level of 100 but this is hidden from the current game? I used the 'Improved Combat AI' mod to unlock the AI combat skills to the maximum possible value allowed by the game. The last duel against the giant axeman was...
  16. Holy Shift

    Suggestion For Only Thrust Action Polearm Rounds in Arena

    You can consider to change 1 vs 1 rounds with only thrust action weapons. My suggestion is Glaive without shield for khuzait arena rounds and one handed and two handed axes for sturgian arena rounds.
  17. Holy Shift

    NPC Moves Slow If Mount in Arena Lately

    If a NPC in arena start on foot and mounts during arena; its moving such slow that even much slower than foot.
  18. Holy Shift

    Let Us Set Strat, Field Battle, Siege, Arena Music Volumes Seperatly

  19. Keimpe

    In Progress Beta 1.4.1. Clipping issues arena

    Never use mods Since 1.4.1. the arenas have clipping issues.
  20. Completed Test of Chance to get Bow (and crossbow) in Practice Arena

    I just completed a test to estimate the percentage chance to get a bow in the practice arena. It is abundantly clear that the chance to get a bow in the practice arena needs to be buffed in nearly every Faction. According to the results, Battania is the best place for this, with a 52% chance...
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