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  1. Lusitani 5th Empire

    Need More Info Archers missing their shots while standing still 5 meters apart

    I find it odd that both a Battanian scout and fian are missing multiple shots under this circumstances. They both missed a shot when they were holding the bow string back, does this stance change the hitbox capsule and causes archers to miss? Maybe it's something else. @Flesson19 since this is...
  2. Koso

    Resolved Broken mechanic of Archery.

    Summary: Broken mechanic of Archery. How to Reproduce: Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Firstly hello. After this patch archery feels more strong(!) with perks, ect. but, feels more like insecure. Your most of the shots is not going to your crosshair. Archery was so bad in...
  3. Vievite

    Who's protecting the archers? Another multiplayer montage

    I don't appear to survive this one very well.
  4. Need More Info siege defender archers do not shoot

    Summary: In seige, only a few defender aechers shoot. Especially, when attackers climb the laders, almost all defender archers do not shoot any more. They are just standing on the wall and watching, like a bunch of idiots waiting to be slaughtered. This problem is important and critical, since...
  5. Lewd Butter

    Need More Info Poros bugged towers

    Hello people i just encountered a bug while fighting to conquer Poros. I colour marked the tower which was bugged. Image is taken from the internet while google image searching for poros towers so its not from my playthrough. I managed to climb up the western walls with my arabian battle buddies...
  6. stevehoos

    In Progress NPC archer targeting issue

    Summary: Archers are targeting fleeing enemies instead of active fighters. My archer units were firing at retreating enemy AI instead of targeting the AI that was posing a threat right behind them that were much closer. How to Reproduce: Fight a battle with archer NPCs Quest/Settlement Name...
  7. Crypex

    Thoughts on Infantry

    This post is my opinion on how Heavy infantry performs in the game and how we can make infantry based factions stronger as well as have more defined roles for infantry if we introduce medium infantry. Archers and Infantry As of right now, heavy infantry feels more fragile against arrows since...
  8. MinhTien

    beta1.4.1 Troops only use one ladder in a pair, and Archers are really aggressive about climbing the wall

    Summary: AI seems to have taken a step back in 1.4.1, troops move to the base of the ladders, raise them then fail to push the attack. They mostly only climb up one, and just stand there doing nothing. No other siege equipment, assault as soon as the siege camp finished. Thought that it would be...
  9. abc123456

    List of Ideas from Other Games

    Ever thought wow that's a good idea when playing other games and wondered if we could include it in Bannerlord? Compile your list here for TaleWorlds and modders to see. Please try to keep a short and consistent format for easy reading. Feature idea, game name, max. 1-3 lines description...
  10. Resolved Bug with AI during siege with Khuzait's armies. (Archers not going behind barricade)

    I have a bug that makes sieges... almost unplayable. All my archers are considered infantry and will just go kill themselves against other infantry in melee up the ladders. They will not go behind barricade. When the siege start, the AI will bundle every infantry and archers into 2 mixed groups...
  11. abc123456

    [Exploit]: 1 man horse archer looter renown farming

    Formula: Buy bow and 3 stacks of arrows, or 2 stacks and a spear. Have a horse Only yourself in party, 1 person (renown gains are based on you beating overwhelming numbers). Find a big looter party There is a sweet spot distance where looter can't hit you well with rocks, but you can hit with...
  12. 2h units are useless unless archers get nerfed

    everytime i spend ages finally upgrading troops to 2h units i take them into any battle that has archers and they get massacred they are always the first units to die so now i just go with shield units only any one else find they have this issue?
  13. Ok let's talk about archer

    They are way to overpowered, I don't know if it's deliberate or not but for me they are the most insane unit, It's a bit unbalance, especially with the decline in cavalry effectiveness since Warband. It's particulary noticable in the hideout/ bandit battle where the only strat is to snipe the...
  14. toxidom


    My skirmishers are not skirmishing. Anyone know how to make them?
  15. Zamorak

    Archer bug!!!

    So im encountering often now, that my archers range is very very short in some battes, i would say its like 10meters, until they start to fire, while enemy with short bows shoot from 50meters easily. And i own mostly Longbows which have longer effective range. While in some battles they start...
  16. WouLinX

    Okçulukta Crosshair/Aim Değişmeli mi?

    Ben Warband'daki aim sistemini daha çok seviyordum. Okçuluğa ayrı bir zorluk katıyordu ve daha iyiydi. Bannerlord Beta'yı oynadığım süre boyunca okçuluğu aim yüzünden çok sevemedim. Modern shooter oyunları gibi bir crosshair koymak bence okçuluğa yakışmamış. Zaten Mount & Blade'e özgü bir...
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