1. Need More Info Couldnt join incustom game. Not all players are running the game with anti-cheat .

    Help please. I can not find a single server for playing in multiplayer. About a year ago iral and everything was fine. Now I decided to go in and throws out such a phrase: Couldnt join incustom game. Not all players are running the game with anti-cheat .
  2. ParzivaI

    In Progress You have been kicked by Anti-cheat Reason : Query Timeout

    Every single game I play I get kicked by the Anti-cheat, this happens to everyone playing the game, please fix this
  3. hoonii

    Need More Info You have been kicked by anti-cheat.

    This happened a lot of times now, especially in Destiny pickups where I am needed to play. Game stutters at the first round, little freezes and ping spikes and then game completely freezes on the same round and I get kicked from the skirmish match for the reason "You have been kicked from the...
  4. hoonii

    You have been kicked by anti-cheat.

    This keeps happening even and even more. Game stutters and freezes non-stop in the first round of skirmish and then completely freezes and the game kicks me. Anyone else having this issue?
  5. Resolved ANti Cheat?!

    Cannot join multiplayer at this time due to broken anti cheat element that keeps auto kicking me, despite that I don't use any cheats, and which shouldn't even be on the bloody game since there's nothing saying there's bloody anti cheat or even a thing to install it/agree to it, which would be a...
  6. Resolved Getting kicked by anti-cheat

    I am always getting kicked immediatly after warmup becuase of anticheat. There was no problem 1 week ago. What should I do?
  7. Resolved Kick by anti-cheat

    Hi, If anyone can help me. In multiplayer, I am constantly being kicked out of the game by anti-cheat. I already installed the game and I can't play. I uninstalled it again and deleted the folder where it was installed and the folder in my documents, and installed it again on another...
  8. Multiplayer. Hackers already use aimbot in skirmish.

    Today i played skirmish and fought against one interesting guy who was very suspicious because every shot he landed was a headshot and he was incredibly accurate too. He had a link to the site in profile and my teammate asked him if he's a cheater. He answered "i am selling it". - Game released...
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