1. EphusPitch

    Resolved Resource Browser Unable to Edit "Protected" Animations Using Resource Editor

    Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I was advised to ask this question here: I'm trying to use the Resource Editor in Bannerlord's Modding Tools to edit animations. So far, every attempt has failed and produced the error message "Unable to save animation clip package [ANIMATION...
  2. EphusPitch

    BL Coding Editing Animations Using Resource Editor

    Attempting to edit animations using the Resource Editor results in the following message: "Unable to save animation clip package [ANIMATION NAME]: Package is protected. Protected items cannot be modified." This seems to be true for several different animations (though I didn't try all of them to...
  3. BL 3D Art Animation gone after exporting model

    I'm working on a buttering ram mod since I really like Swadian siege weaponry and everything was going buttery smooth until the point where it actually started ramming things. The animation is gone as you can see in the video here. When I exported the model as .dae and opened in Maya there...
  4. Sanctumm

    Animations in fights

    Id like to see some cooler animations when NPC´s gets hit/wounded in combat - Like if they are wearing a shield and get wounded on their left arm (where shield is) that they cant raise the shield / drop the shield and cant move the arm. Same for the other arm. If they get hit in their right arm...
  5. WB 3D Art Animation questions: blending, flags, rotation

    I've been trying to figure out how to do animation blending for good old warband. Does anyone know how to use arf_blend_in_x flag ? What I want to achieve is to blend my horse attack animation smoothly into horse_pace_X anims ROTATION Using acf_displace_position flag it is possible to force...
  6. Lusitani 5th Empire

    In Progress Animations: Characters grip on weapons and shields

    Since no one replied I making this post: Sometimes Npcs are not griping weapons and shield properly, the hands are just open. This needs to be fixed. Go through the Photo Mod Appreciation Thread and you can find plenty of examples.
  7. animation_combat.xml isn't working / moddable anymore

    I noticed that the animations_combat.xml isn't moddable anymore. I was able to use it to slow down the duration of animations, but recently no matter what value it is set to it doesn't seem to do anything. Did something change? I have the correct project.mbproj as well.
  8. furbzeyyy

    Uninstalled, Suggested Animation/Mechanic Improvements

    Hi Taleworlds and fanbase users, This letter, with time for reflection and contemplation, is weeks overdue, bannerlord is uninstalled and will not be installed anytime soon, if ever, unless big changes are made, and yes im going to flatout constructively insult taleworlds on some points, they...
  9. Corbul

    WB Other Trying to add a new pistol into the game, animation is messed up

    Pretty self-explanatory. The pistol animations themselves are aright, I didn't touch them at all, it's this particular pistol model. Every time I try to shoot, my character holds the pistol pointed at the ground while "aiming" (as shown in the pic). Is there some simple way to fix this without...
  10. BL Coding How to make edits to animation that only affect the player

    Hi everyone, so I absolutely hate how slow it is to reload the bow. I don't think that it's realistic for a 200 level archer to be so slow in reloading the bow and shooting it (Lars Andersen has videos on how an expert archer is expected to shoot 2 arrows before the first even lands on the...
  11. furbzeyyy

    (POLL) EA Suggested Improvements, 1. Camera code recr & in game editor, 2. Character Personalisation (SP/MP), 3. Non/Combat - Aesthetics, Animations,

    (POLL) EA Suggested Improvements, 1. Camera code recr & in game editor, 2. Character Personalisation (SP/MP), 3. Non/Combat - Aesthetics, Animations, Mechanics (Please share this url with your friends) (Also posted on Steam & Taleworlds Forums (Poll) Taleworlds...
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