ancient egypt

  1. migdeu19

    Antiquity OSP 3D Art Near East and North Africa, 2112BC & 612

    Hello all, I'm posting my first OSP here. Materials are all from in-development mods ANCESTORS 2112BC and TFLS 612BC, feel free to use them, the only requeriment will be to credit the author or one of the mods above. After that some there are some textures without models, a few models without...
  2. dijiTurk

    Ancient Egypt - movie list & recent news

    -Secrets of the Saqqara Tomb. (will contunie) (reserved first message)
  3. Designing Map from -Ancient Egypt-

    Designing Map from -Ancient Egypt-

    A:This group's goal is focusing on provide some ideas with 2D or 3D works to reach a good Ancient Egypt themed map. B:This group has rules to reach its' goal: b1:You can not share your idea without any screenshot, 2D or 3D work as example: b1.1:You can share your own schema/drawing/map 2D or...
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