1. Lornloth00

    Quick Talk in Keeps has wrong sounds

    It doesn't make sense that the quick talk scenes in the keeps have the sound of people fighting in the background. It would make more sense for there to be no sounds in the background, bards playing lutes or harps or just ambience. Its very distracting to hear noises like that when reading quest...
  2. Keimpe


    Hi, Are there any plans of making the game feel more alive? And no i don't mean a rat per Tavern. - Add birds. Never have i seen such lifeless skies. - Bugs - Fish In short where is the flavour of all scenes?
  3. Ale__

    SP Armor Mod for Viking Conquest

    "Armor Mod for Viking Conquest" replaces the giant chest and shoulder pads look of Vanilla Viking Conquest, with a more realistic appearance closer to Warband. It also adds polished landscapes and terrain with careful attention to keeping good performance in battles. It can be obtained in both...
  4. It would be nice if the Devs added: Breathing, (more) Yelling, Ambient sounds & Death cries

    Greetings, inspiration for this request I had just finished the Series Game of Thrones for the first time ever & was intrigued on the "Battle of the Bastards" episode where two huge armies went at it and we as the viewers were able to see a close up of people fighting. The Current state of...
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