1. Diplomacy, War, Relations, Envoys, Kingdoms, Alliances and Trade

    Hi everyone, There’s a few things I find stick out like a sore thumb which create a bit of a short fall with bannerlord. Of course I know its in early stages but hey, thats what we have the forum for, ideas :) But before I get into that, I've got a few suggestions and I’ll add why I think we...
  2. Charging into the Battlefield

    While I love that there are camels and horses I keep hoping that one day they will have Elephants. Imagine being at the tip of the charge as you see your elephant smashing into infantry lines. I am sure at some point they will have these and hopefully, even chariots would be pretty fantastic as...
  3. Update on Conspiracy Quest: Alliance Against My Kingdom

    I THINK this is part of the conspiracy quest. It made progress because the moment i captured 2/3 of the Empire Battania, Vlandia, and Khuzait create an alliance against me. In the quest menu they each have a quest that basically said destroy them or be destroyed. Now asking for peace is no...
  4. F4z0R

    Diplomatic Options for Player/NPC Kingdom

    -More diplomatic options for the kingdoms (creating an alliance, non aggression pact, trade agreement, declare war to a kingdom together with your ally...)
  5. Alliance between kingdoms

    I think allowing alliance between kingdoms can help in two ways: 1. Help reduce snowballing. since weaker kingdoms can choose to ally together to resist the strong one. 2. Bring more peace. I think having a good pace between war time and peace time can be more fun.
  6. [Question for Developers] Are Alliances, Feasts & Tournaments with XP (etc) coming back?

    Hello, as I have mentioned, I was playing Bannerlord and felt something a bit odd, there were no invitations to feasts- tournaments felt a little less enticing with no chance to gain experience (because of the variety we get of different weapons we have to use like that of warband in order to...
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