1. Viking2419

    Enable Character Replacement before death

    Could you please enable Character replacement option after certain age like 45+ years old. It is very frustrating to get really old "66 years old" and still don't die of natural causes or in battle and see your sons "replacements" getting old too. By the time my old character dies of old age my...
  2. Ash117

    Resolved Character models stopped aging

    All characters models in my game have stopped aging. They still grow old and die of old age but they all look like 20 year olds. The actual models and skin never change, apart from hair turning grey. This is happening on a unmodded brand new save 1.5.7 main I have verified cache and disabled...
  3. Aging mechanics, and what happens after you and first lords die.

    There's lots of conflicting info out there, so thought I'd ask here. What exactly happens after you die, and what happens after first lords die? Children take over, right? So can they marry, get pregnant, and do all things that can be done in ''beginning'' of the game?
  4. Simple question: Are we going to get aging as an option? (yes/no)

    What's so hard about answering this? Surely dev's must know if they're going for it or not since Bannerlord is around for quite some time and majority clearly wants it. By the way, if you want to share an opinion - you can, theres another similar topic (make aging an option.).
  5. Staal

    Campaign length

    Please don't vote if you prefer to play with the ageing feature. For those players that dislike ageing as a feature. For how long do you play a campaign? The reason I ask is that this would depend what the best fix would be. Can we just adjust the year-day ratio a bit and you eventually restart...
  6. Montezuma

    Lineage mode

    Three new systems blew my mind in Bannerlord. Death of heroes, aging, and the possibility of having a child. They say that when you die of old age, you become your first child. I tried that, but this never happened to me. The best I could do was "waiting at speed 3" until my character reached...
  7. RNGregory

    (Question) How do you turn off aging and if it isn't an option, is this option even coming out?

    Hi, I realize theres this option button "Enable Death" but I reckon it has nothinig to do with aging while I was testing it in-game. I know some prefer aging and making family and whatnot while watching your character die in a few days but some of us dont and thats simply why there should be an...
  8. The Calendar goes by too fast.

    I think the pace of the calendar and characters aging is too fast. I think things would be better using a traditional 12 month calendar. I think I enjoy the game more when it's made for longer campaigns. It might be neat to have two different versions of the campaign, one with the 12 month...
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