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  1. Super Jew

    Make afk players get kicked after 1 minute

    I recently was playing skirmish and had an afk teammate... for 3 rounds. The afk timer needs to be a minute or 2 max.
  2. Need More Info Game freeze if idle for too long

    How to Reproduce: Just wait a moment AFK, happening chance 99% after 30min (maybe less I did not test exactly how long it take) . You could wait on main map, Escape menu, Inventory, group menu, party menu, in town menu... I guess everywhere ! Happen without any mods AND with mods Scene Name...
  3. Cattowin


    İlk başlarda pek olmuyordu ama betaya daha fazla kişi almaya başladıkları zaman nerdeyse her oyun 1 afk olmaya başladı 1 adam eksik başlayınca skirmishte puan captain modede daha fazla adam veriyor ama afk olunca sorun yaşıyoruz oyun bile kaybedilebiliyor çünkü bize birşeyde verilmiyor bunun...
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