1. Kai_Byzantium

    Clan/kingdom banner on settlements

    This is a small aesthetic and immersion suggestion. I'd love to have clan and kingdom banners displayed on town/castle walls. Just imagine seeing your enemy's banners flapping in the wind while you are besieging their castle. Ex. the kingdom's banner will be displayed on top of the...
  2. Zyakan

    Banner's color only on shields and banners

    Hello, It triggers me a bit when I see that me, all my companions and all my soldiers wear the same color. Especially when it is some color which doesn't give well on clothes (I tried a Blue and Pink banner... Well, I switched.). For both aesthetical and historical reasons, I think the option...
  3. Chlodulf

    Need More Info Jacula - Floating Sign and Torch.

    These are floating before the workshop area.
  4. Falwick

    Some aesthetics for classes that accurate with their respective armor values

    Vlandia (arbelist) ---> (sergeant) ---> (improved armoured variation is the same with the original) (peasant levy with improved armor) ---> (vanguard) --->
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