1. Ibn Karim al-Muwallad

    New Armors (especially for Aserai)?

    Is there a plan to add any new armor and clothing to the game? Especially the Aserai in my opinion could need some additional armor. Many Aserai troops are using Khuzait armor, which is kinda weird and out of place
  2. Neofd10

    Improve troop trees in vanilla (and some of the Architecture) + additional feature suggestions.

    My Suggestions (too many of them ha!) First off, this game is awesome and I think Taleworlds is a brilliant company and have done very well with this. However there are a couple of things that are very irritating to me in regards to the troop trees (which should be expanded) and some of the...
  3. Smithing Suggestions

    Few additions that may make the game more fun with the smithing system: -Armor Crafting I have found it tiring to try to find specific sets of armor that seemingly have no set place of spawning, adding in an ability to make the armor would be awesome, could be balanced by required many more...
  4. ThePinkPanzer

    SP Native Panzer's Cutting Room Floor: Sexism

    Panzer's Cutting Room Floor - Sexism Panzer's Cutting Room Floor is going to be a series of mods devoted to adding in things left in the code that are currently unimplemented. Not all of it is truly cut content, and may appear in game later, but I thought it'd be fun to try my hand at it and...
  5. Ryotarou

    Poll! Should players customize their own troops in their kingdom?

    When it comes to something like that, it could be very difficult to do, but it would be just setting a limit of money per unit, I've seen a lot of modders doing this for the warband and I bet it wouldn't be difficult to do it here. To be able to equip your troops, or better just customized from...
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