1. In Progress Achievements not working gamepassPC

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Just start new game using gamepass version of the game (PC) Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU Driver Version: CPU: RAM: Motherboard: Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Hello, I started...
  2. iimstevo

    Broken achievements - Don't add them to the game if you can't get them right!

    Please don't add achievements to the game that don't have the correct detections for them to be unlocked. It's so painful to do something that's challenging, and then find it doesn't actually work and unlock properly (I'm not saying this particular achievement is challenging, but there are some...
  3. why no achievements for modded game?

    I hope a dev would read this I'm a big fan of the game but I have hit the around 300+ hour mark, and there is just some small things I don't feel like grinding anymore (blacksmith stamina). Right now I have 0 achievements for the game, and that is probely not going to get change if mods makes...

    Summary: Hi to all. On my multiplayer, my achievement badges are locked. for example, my captain kills. I have roughly 8k captain kills - however badge preview shows me 10 captain kills and when i click it says badge is not earned yet... same goes for hours played.. i have 200+ hours and it...
  5. ParzivaI

    Achievements not working.

    According to the global achievement stats no one got anything as well
  6. Need More Info "Calradian Army Knife" achievement bugged on Windows 10 version

    As per the title, this achievement has been bugged for me since launch in November. I have killed countless hundreds with all sorts of secondary functions. I have reinstalled the game. I have tried playing it on different machines.
  7. ulufarkas

    Bannerlord Başarım Önerileri

    Tam sürüme az zaman kalıncaya kadar başarımlar ekleneceğini düşünmüyorum ama kendimce bazı başarı önerilerini buraya yazacağım. Çok oyunculu kısmında fazla vakit geçirmediğim için yalnızca tek oyunculu hakkında önerilerim var. Savaş alanı başarımları genel olarak belirli bir sayıya ulaşmaktan...
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