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  1. BL 3D Art What is the best program to Edit 3D Models in Bannerlord ?

    Hello there , i'm creating interiors, maps etc for gta and im used to do things in 3DS MAX, i do want to mod Bannerlord but i dont know how to do. How many programs supports Bannerlord, Any plugins and Whats the best program for Modding in 3D ? waiting for answers, thanks in advance.
  2. BL 3D Art Exporting Player Character Face 3D Model

    Is there a way to export the player's face or full body mesh in order to import into Blender or other 3D programs? I have come across TpacTool and found the assets from the native, but I don't believe it has my character's face in the files that are imported. Am I overlooking a folder somewhere?
  3. BL 3D Art Cannot import .obj file into OpenBRF

    Hello! I´m very new to modding (and 3D) and have just created my first armor for Bannerlord. I exported it as an .obj file (from Blender) to import it to OpenBRF via "import static mesh". The problem is: I can´t find it in the folder i have exported it even though it searches for an .obj file...
  4. Need More Info Khuzait Darkhan meshes exploding

    Khuzait Darkhan is simply a ball of meshes and confusion. Prints: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/600511330734178336/695362142060412979/unknown.png https://external-preview.redd.it/mIKIjlHNK0YdLXaaSULSTpvJVJ38UoJPZjh-ayD8Bis.png?auto=webp&s=9e35cb04a45499c4c652855cd3d78e0747d6a34f...
  5. blanketParty

    FUTURE 3d Modelling for MODS

    Hello! I am looking to get into supporting modders that want to make mods for Bannerlord. I have a little knowledge of blender but im looking for someone to help me to develop my skills. My goal is to know what programs to use so that I can model characters for Bannerlord. If anything just to...
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