1. Wegnas

    NA Other Open NA 2v2 Tournament (1st ROUND DEADLINE APRIL 30)

    NORTH AMERICAN 2v2 TOURNAMENT Signup Form: Ruleset: The bracket will be double elimination Matches playing FT10 then sides swap and FT10 for other side (So basically FT20) If there is a draw, you must play a FT3 tiebreaker for both sides. Only Tribal Warrior and Warrior classes are...
  2. safe

    EU Native Battle Completed European Groupfighting Tournament [2v2]

    European Groupfighting Tournament Taking the opportunity of ongoing native tournament and therefore some small activity increase on the competitive scene we've decided to try to host a groupfighting tourney. Having in mind all the issues with the previous 3v3 tournament and community suggestions...
  3. Resolved New 2v2 mode

    I don't want to be rude, but are you guys even testing the new patch before releasing it? After all 2 people from each side have joined the game, the game starts and no one else can join it.
  4. Warband Türkiye 2v2 Piyade Turnuvası

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