1. deso1ator

    Need More Info mid campaign specific point of of time crash

    Summary: mid campaign, game crashes at spefic point of time campaign time, removed all mods and same crash happens, I used following mods before removing those mods and repoducing the crash again without mods. I want to save that game, can anything be done to save it? How to Reproduce: wait...
  2. Alphα

    Bannerlord 1.7.2 - Personal review

    Hi all! It's been a while since I posted here. I've been waiting quite some time in order to let the developers polish the game before getting my hands back on it. I must say, it's nicely coming along. I'm really enjoying it, it has been a blast to start a fresh new campaign and to be honest...
  3. Alt-Tab Shenanigans

    Well ... version 1.7.1 / 1.7.0 I got "stop game when it loses focus" activated, and usually, when I alt-tab out of the game I press "ESC" first, so it's in the menu, just an old habit. Now, with "stop game when it loses focus" active, it does remove the menu and let the game run normally again...
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