1. Unresolved 1.6.2 online bölümünde ordugah tıklayınca oyunun çökmesi

    sorun başlıkta belirttiğim gibi ordugah sekmesine tıkladığımda oyun donuyor ve geri gelmiyor. 2019 küsür loot var harcayamıyorum :/
  2. BL Other How to set the individual upgrade costs and XP reward for killing for troops in bannerlord?

    In bannerlord's recent e1.6.2 update, in the patch note's "modding" section the game developers mentioned that "Troops can now have individual upgrade costs and XP reward for killing." so,if I want adjust some game balance through this method, how can I set them? where should I adjust if I want...
  3. In Progress e1.6.2 Party roles not working

    Summary: Assigning roles (Quartermaster/Engineer/etc) in the "Parties" tab doesn't work How to Reproduce: 1) Go to "Clan" 2) Go to "Parties" 3) Assign any role to you or a companion 4) Click "Done" 5) Enter again and see it stays in "None" Have you used cheats and if so which: No Scene Name (if...
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