1. Emirs

    NPC profilleri yüklenirken düşük fps

    1.5.9 sürümünde ansiklopedide kahramanlara bakarken profil yüklenene kadar 1 fps alıyorum. Arkadaşlar ve düşmanların profilleri sırayla yükleniyor ve hepsi yüklendikten sonra tekrar akıcı bir şekilde profilde gezinebiliyorum. Çıkıp tekrar aynı kahramana baktığımda aynı şekilde düşük fps...
  2. The Bowman

    Resolved [1.5.9] Battle upgrade statistics lie. Fewer soldiers get upgraded in reality

    Summary: I've had two curious battles, where fewer of my Aserai cavalry troops wanted to upgrade, compared to what was shown on the battle screen. In the first instance, the battle screen told me 7 were ready to upgrade, but once in the party screen, I discovered they were only 3. In the second...
  3. The Bowman

    Resolved [1.5.9] Encyclopedia character description bugs

    Summary: The encyclopedia has some weird character description bugs. In some cases, text is missing or the wrong tense (grammar) is used when looking at dead heroes. How to Reproduce: Look at the encyclopedia for dead heroes or family members. See the screenshots below. Scene Name (if related)...
  4. The Bowman

    Resolved [1.5.9] Cannot sort troops in party screen

    Summary: I can't seem to be able to sort troops in the party screen by moving them up or down. They're permanently locked in a pre-set position. For example, I want to move my legionaries at the top, but I can't do that. Fresh game and files validated. How to Reproduce: Have troops in the party...
  5. The Bowman

    In Progress [1.5.9] Minor punctuation issues for money-related messages

    Summary: When you get money-related messages, there's nearly always a space after the denar icon. This makes the full stop look too separated. Weirdly enough, the same exact messages may not contain the full stop. It feels random. I suggest to add a space between the integer and the denar icon...
  6. The Bowman

    Resolved [1.5.9] Troops walk slowly when chasing routing soldiers

    Summary: Sometimes, when enemy troops rout (after having been notified that enemies are fleeing and I won), your own soldiers walk very slowly in their direction instead of running. How to Reproduce: Fight a battle, rout enemy troops, tell your troops to charge and observe their behaviour. Scene...
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