1.5.8 beta

  1. Relationship penalties when taking same culture settlements

    Playing the 1.5.8 beta, with the new pillaging system. When taking a settlement of the same culture, the player has no option but to show mercy. Annoyingly, this will still cause a relationship penalty with any cruel lords in the army. This annoying as quite a lot of lords have the cruel trait...
  2. momo1

    Reset, Complete, or Remove Main Story Quest Mod

    Does anyone know of a mod besides ResetMainStory which didn't work correctly, that can complete, reset, or remove the main quest, that works in version 1.5.8? I'm at the Eliminate [Non-imperial factions] stage due to me giving the flag to the Northern Empire prior to joining Battania as a...
  3. 1.5.8 Companions not spawning

    Hello all, Just wanted to post this as i see no other threads about it. I have been playing the 1.5.8 Beta branch, among other bug's the worst one for me is the Companions not spawning.. and the Companion list only has 6 people on it, Taverns are empty also so they are 100% not spawning...
  4. Console commands - delete parties on world map?

    After I upgraded to beta patch 1.5.8, the bug with bandit spawning has basically ruined my campaign. It took me a long time to notice because I never go down there, but the entire southern desert is just a sea of literally thousands of desert bandit parties, they eat every caravan or peasant...
  5. Angell0

    In Progress 1.5.8 someone forgot to change some icons :)

  6. Angell0

    Resolved 1.5.8 bandit hideout crash

    after clearing any bandit hideout and dueling the final boss, attempting to shoot remaining bandits with nobelman's bow will crash the game
  7. Schlarkenstein

    SP - General 1.5.8. is currently spawning way too many Looters - But it created an interesting event! I think it should be added to the game.

    I would actually enjoy an in-game event where the spawn rate of looters gets excessive for a short period of time and only in certain areas. - This could be due to high poverty or low security in the area. Or perhaps due to a war that has been on-going for too long. (Giving Kingdoms another...
  8. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    In Progress [1.5.8 Beta] Haven't seen any roaming bandits in over 100 days, is it intended ?[.sav]

    I've been all around the map more or less and have not seen any roaming bandit parties. I've seen some hideouts, but only looters roam the map. It's past 100 days now and I'm a bit concerned. Is there any new changes that could intentionally do this? Here is a save, just explore and see if you...
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