• Please note that we've updated the Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord save file system which requires you to take certain steps in order for your save files to be compatible with e1.7.1 and any later updates. You can find the instructions here.


  1. In Progress Crash on creating new Campaign

    I tried to reinastall, without mods, starting every .exe file (bannerlord.Native.exe) with administrative priveleges. I tried to find corrupted files with steam, tried every single Version in Beta. from 1.5.0 to 1.5.7 patch, my rig should be fine (ryzen 7 3700x, geforce gtx 1050 ti, 32 gigs of...
  2. Resolved Application Crash

    Hi everyone. I constantly get an error in the game without coming to the training part.I added link of the error. Error
  3. crysty7776

    Resolved The game auto dezinstaled after i tried to open it after the last hotfix

    Hi everyone,i just found a weird issue on singleplayer bannerlord so now when i open sp in the menu the only options that i have is "Options" and "Credits". And at "Singleplayer">>"Mods" i have Native✅ and (Sandbox core❌,sandbox❌,custombattle❌,storymods❌),Those are not checked and i can't check✅...
  4. Resolved Save metadata is broken

    Summary: Metadata for saves seems to have bugged out after last update. All save names are prefixed with Native\ and their dates are set to epoch time. I noticed you had something about save/load changes in your changelog, so maybe that changed the way you're reading the metadata? This doesn't...
  5. BinekveHınçakçı Hayranı

    1.5.0 Kayıtların Silinmesi

    Merhabalar! Bugün 1.5.0 Bannerlord güncellemesini indirdim ve oyuna girdim. Kayıtlara bakınca ne göreyim 6 milyon olan param 5.000'e düşmüş!! :xf-mad: Ne oluyor böyle? 6 milyon yapmak için gerçekten fazlasıyla uğraşmıştım. 150 kişilik ordum 30 kişiye düşmüş!! Sizde de oldu mu? Yoksa sadece bende...
  6. Need More Info Can't enter any location

    Updated game to main branch 1.5 and can not enter any location at all, even owned territories. Thank you
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