1. Worlok

    1.2.x workshops seem to be broken

    The new system for workshop seems to be pretty much broken. After some time it says it is not profitable and production was halted. So how is capital and profit generated in there? It shouldbe somehow possible to manage profit and capital of the workshop.
  2. Apollo52

    Cavalry in 1.2.0 Beta

    Heya Everyone, I have decided to try 1.2 since the new weather effects seemed really nice immersion-wise. For a new playthrough went with vlandia and again for challenge & roleplay reasons decided to use only noble line vlandian cavalry and nothing else. My banner knigths are annihilating...
  3. Arena fight in 1.2

    Is it just me or is the AI constantly blocking supper annoying?ile you cant “faint” change either the swap block with lightning speed. For god sake they block charges with horse with a spear or just a sword. Super unrealistic. Have to just hold attach w8 for the to start an attack and then hit...
  4. SP - Player, NPCs & Troops NEW UPDATE 1.2.0 ruined Looters!

    So with the advent of 1.2.0 Looters are no longer free XP farm for your troops :(... To my surprise creating a new character I pit my piddly 10 men vs only 6 Looters and BAM I was defeated plus 4 of my guys were killed. Not only that THEY ONLY KILLED 1 f*ing LOOTER!. WTF??? So I had to cheese 5...
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