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    Tribal Warrior

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    Kingdoms balance

    The northern empire is very unbalanced.
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    Patch Notes e1.0.2

    The mission of "Find another piece of the banner for Arzagos" is still bug, I can't continue the campaign.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    It is not difficult to learn to block, but you just have to learn. But no, it's better to have it all done.
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    Auto-block in singleplayer

    do you want everything to be automatic? What fun does that have? Learn to play boys.
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    Early Access Information

    Thank you TaleWorlds.
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    Bannerlord's exact release date

    I would bet on a delay until April.
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    One Month To Go and I Have Cold Feet

    I agree with this. And with this I also agree.
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    Bannerlord Argentina

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    RIP Kobe Bryant

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