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    Need More Info There is no Start Option on the main menu

    Okay so if I go directly to the "Bannerlord" Program in common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client and start it up that way it seems to start weather mods work or not I havent tested yet
    Yep exactly. I tried it with mods too, it works. You need to start the launcher in there for that though. Its a bit tricky. "TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe"

    To force programs to start as admin, open its properties, go to the compatibility tab, and then you can tick a box at the bottom to forced it to start as admin. You'll need to do that with the launcher and the other Bannerlord_??.exe files. Cause the Launcher starts those.
  2. NIN3

    Need More Info There is no Start Option on the main menu

    Mutliplayer just freezes and crashes on start up during the loading screen. Is it the same for you @Sgt_Ross ?


    Edit: I checked the log myself now. Its seems like it some issue that the game cant verfiy .dll's for some reason (I assume windows related).
    Forcing the launcher "TaleWorlds.MountAndBlade.Launcher.exe" to start as admin, and open it directly in common\Mount & Blade II Bannerlord\bin\Win64_Shipping_Client, works.
  3. NIN3

    Need More Info There is no Start Option on the main menu

    Hey, can you delete "C:\Users\YOUR USER NAME\Documents\Mount and Blade II Bannerlord\Configs" to try a more pinpoint method. If the issue is persistent please try a clean install.
    I have got the same issue btw and tried the same things (like @Sgt_Ross)
  4. NIN3

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    My baby :sad:
  5. NIN3

    Skirmish Urikskalaar

    I still had this laying around. Its not great but better than nothing I guess:
  6. NIN3

    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    All weapons + items (shields, arrows) you carry reduce your movement speed. Weapons in holsters have a smaller impact though yes.

    That really needs to be displayed then. The movement speed stat is incredibly unreliable and I reckon in some cases just wrong.
    The stat isnt wrong. But yes if you carry a lot of weapons, you will be ever so slightly slower. Although the biggest factor for this are bows and shields. Most weapons weigh around the same.
  7. NIN3

    Varyag is the worst infantry even tho he is supposed to be the best

    Are we just gonna ignore the general mace nerfs across the board and the buff to the Varyag longsword and both axes?

    Also armor across the board was reduced so axes are gonna be better by that fact alone too. Oh well I am lying, not all classes armor was reduced. The Varyag is the only infantry class that had its armor buffed.

    Brawny got a buff that you failed to mention by 5%. There is a buff to their shield too... And yeah Fellers extra damage was reduced by 3%, while all Melee Expert perks for other factions were reduced by 5% (from 15% - > 10%) So you deal 7% more damage than other inf now, rather than the +5% before. Also they have the best anti inf armor perk with blunt damage reduction.

    No idea where you are coming from with this. Literally everything in this patch is made to pave the way for this class to become better. Sure those changes might seem small to you, but a lot of things do, I swear this patch is a grower.
  8. NIN3

    "Why Can't I Hear the Cav?"

    We are looking into improving these cav sounds and making them come through easier. There will be adjustments to the sound mixer in the future. One thing will already happen with 1.7.2, is an adjustment to how we use sound materials in scenes. This might not sound important but it will help quite a bit with being able to hear cav charging in

    Some material sounds prioritised are over other sounds, this doesn't mean that the non priority sounds won't play, or that those ones will be louder. Instead you can imagine them being thicker (through bass and stuff I don't understand) and sort of overlay other sounds. Kind of like tapping a wine glass with a spoon, at a dinner table to get everyone's attention.
    • Fixed some soil areas, playing stone sound
    • Fixed some soil areas, playing stone sound

    For many of our paths we have been using the "stone" material that is one of those prioritized sounds. (Same as wood and some others). Like you can see in the changelog I went over my current skirmish maps and adjusted the materials of every texture layer in there. Basically normalizing the sound scape. There will be more changes to this in the future like I said, but this is another step to make it better.
  9. NIN3

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    isn't Pendaric is an old map from 2019-20 mp beta?
    Yep I made the first prototype of the map a long time ago. Since then I comepletly remade it though and gave it an gameplay and graphical overhaul. Also its not set at night anymore.

    The other 2 scenes are both as new a Sharis is.
    Could you also save this map from 2014 before you leave?.
    I wont be saving or including any more scenes before I leave. I mean I already kinda left. There is a lot of factors that go into if we release a scene or not. The main assets of the scene you are referencing is still in the game btw, the old ruin with the undergorund rooms. I am sure people will use it in future scenes.

    Really amazing, thats a long awaited push in content
    You can really see the love to detail that has been given to those maps
    Thanks a lot
    Thank you! I hope you will like them once they are out.
  10. NIN3

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Thank you all for your kind words! I am kind of blown away really. I had a great time working for you guys.
    So I wanted to take this opportunity to drop some more info about the new scenes.

    Like I mentioned in the opening post, this scene is structurally mirrored and meant to serve decider matches for tournaments, or any other bo1 scenarios. But at the same time it should still be fun for normal skirmish matches.

    The big challenge was to marry the idea of having the same timings, archer positions/angles and advantages for both sides, without having them look the same. This doesn't only have visual reasons, but having different looking sides helps a lot with orientation or call outs as well.

    Since the paths / timings for the flags are the same for both teams, it was important for me to make the B flag and the immediate area around it less attractive to take for map control. Otherwise the whole game would only revolve around there. Even while that may still be the case, taking it will be a lot more risky this way and hopefully encourage different tactics throughout the rounds.

    The side flags are much more protected. Flag C offers an elevated positions that will be good to defend for infantry and also provides a panoramic view into the deserty countryside. Flag A on the other hand is based right in the middle of an arena, which has some features that some of you might recognize.


    Ditch at B flag


    Elevated C flag, with some jumpable ledges


    Arena flag A, with its mirrored covers


    Helper objects that set the paths and physics for the scene

    Urikskalaar is set in the little talked about border region of sturgia and khuzait. During years of war, the lords of the lands have changed and many new villagers from either culture joined the small settlement set right at the edge of the steppe and the mountains of Stugia.

    The contrasting sides of the village are connected by a dam that also serves as a bridge. Both teams have a very quick but risky path to B flag, which is situated at the foot of the dam flanked by cliffs. Rushing there will give your opponent the opportunity to take an advantage on the dam or cut off the narrow paths leading to the other points.

    Flag A is based on the khuzait side of the dried out reservoir, in the middle of a circular temple structure that provides cover and limits the angles cavalry can rush onto the flag. Flag B is a little more tucked in on the sturgia side of the village, but offer a lot opportunities on approaching it.


    Khuzait side spawn


    Sturgia side spawn


    Dam in the middle of the scene


    Flag A with its temple structure


    Flag C in the sturgia village


    Flag B at the bottom of the dam

    The snow in our scenes will be gone with 1.7.2. As a sort of balance for that we will introduce an all snow map, set on the sunny but cold cost of sturgia. A forgotten settlement and castle ruin set on the two hills that get cut in half by a valley road.

    Each hill will be home to one flag, while the third one is set inside the middle valley. An improvised bridge serves as a quick but risky connection of the hill side flags. Cavalry will have a lot of room to maneuver outside of the hills, but especially around B and C, will need to rely on their team's infantry to have a foot in the fight.


    Flag A inside the castle ruins


    Flag C inside an old tower


    Flag B in the valley covered by stacked wood


    Improvised bridge connecting A and C

    This landscape of this scene is branded by the remnants of a battlefield. Both teams start behind their elevated advantage points, which span nearly half the battlefields width. These hills also give you a lot of cover to maneuver behind, shift your army around while being hidden from your opponent.

    Once you are down the valley there is a couple of ditches and walls to use as cover from archers, but generally you will be very much in the open when fighting for Flag B.

    A little further away both C and A Flag are on easily defendable positions that also serve as a foot in the door, to take advantage of the rest of the map from.


    Flag B in the middle of both encampments, right above a shallow stream


    Different perspective on Flag B


    Flag A with a view of the battlefield behind it


    Flag C in the woodcutters camp
  11. NIN3


    @MArdA TaleWorlds @Callum Please help us out. The other Javcav classes got an ammo increase in Captain mode months ago. I think we just forgot about the Beduin. Please at the very least increase their ammo count to 5?

    It will be adjusted with the upcoming 1.7.2 patch.

    Read more here:
  12. NIN3

    7 new maps, Ranked and Battle mode, hundreds of balance changes

    Hey everyone! We have been hard at work to bring you some cool new content and balance changes with the upcoming patch 1.7.2.! All this is coming with 3 scenes for battle, one new scene for captain and 3 more for skirmish. Additionally there have been hundreds of adjustments to weapon and class...
  13. NIN3

    How will TW balance class system in battle mode?

    we're 2 years into ea and TW is still releasing balance patches.
    Every multiplayer game in active development receives balance updates. Metas shift no matter what. The fact that the game still receives balance updates in early access, does not prove that the class system doesn't work.

    Also the notion that an equipment based system would suddenly solve all balance problems is kinda ridiculous imo. I am not saying that the class system is superior in every way with that btw, before that argument starts again. There are definitely benefits to it and I love warbands equipment based system.

    Anyway, classes will stick around for Battle mode, but class costs will be different from skirmish and casual (tdm/siege). Same goes for some perks that will be different in Battle mode.

    Also the economy (gold gain parameters) of battle mode will change with 1.7.2 (in addition to the troop cost changes).
  14. NIN3

    Siege Ayzar Stronghold

    I don't know if it's a bug or a cheat, but people can use the balista behind the wood wall and being protected from archers...
    It's not the first time I see it

    Thank you! I made the platform a bit wider and moved it to the left. I think that fixes it.
  15. NIN3

    Custom Servers Beta Test & Battle Mode

    Quick question for @Callum AND @NIN3 (since he seems to be the main man behind multiplayer maps) regarding map hosting in the future for server hosters.

    Is it worth it for us to begin working on our maps now? While some features such as flag spawns and entry points are not in our version of the mod tools yet, once those features are added we will be able to add them retroactively to our maps correct? I imagine it will be ok but most of us are not familiar with your map tools yet. Are there any special circumstances such as entity limits or performance recommendations in regards to overall map size that the community map makers should be aware of before we start creating?
    It is worth it yes. But its not clear on how and if servers will support custom maps.

    I am working on a documentation on how to create scenes for multiplayer (in regards to our game modes) at the moment.
  16. NIN3

    Team Damage in Battle Server

    Refelctive team damage is already a server option. Its up the server host to enable it.
  17. NIN3

    WHY?? why swings have to be 180* angle?

    @NIN3, maybe you forgot to answer here or here (you are probably very busy lately) but I would really like to know (if possible) if this problem is going to be solved (fixing animations with angle cuts) in the short term by Taleworlds or just the design guidelines do not contemplate such a change.
    I did bring it up internally back then too. Basically for the swing arcs to be reduced even further we would have to adjust the animations at this point. I did push it quite a bit with the last swing arc update, where I made them deal 10% damage on like 85% progress (of the animation) and then faded it out comepletly. Before that (since its a curve) the damage already gets reduced the further away from the perfect hit arc you are as we all know.

    Design wise we are blocked to push this any further if the animations wont change, which I dont know if it will happen (doubt it though).
  18. NIN3

    Battle mode has been released?

    The 40v40s were crazy and a lot of fun. Things like crashes and lag will be fixed I'm sure, but some game-based things stood out to me:

    I don't know how the economy works in 6v6 or 8v8, but with high player-counts the snowball effect seems to be quite significant and makes it hard for a team to come back. (But not impossible.)

    Cavalry and gold
    As in TDM, cav seems like the best class by far at generating gold since you can farm unaware players, which allows you to keep playing cav. To some extent it feels like Heavy Cav is the only class capable of reliably getting enough gold to go Heavy Cav again, which reminds me of an upper class being the only ones wealthy enough to generate more wealth lol.

    Stacking and swapping sides
    Side-stacking is quite painful, as all of NA's regulars pick one side to stack and then mop the other side up with cav. Last night people with 0-2 were top of the non-stacked team and often a single kill is enough for MVP. On EU, I've seen players swap to the winning team as well, although there's no larger coordination to stack one side. These things are to be expected, but it does take away some of the fun when the rounds aren't remotely close and then people gravitate to the already-stomping side.
    The costs for classes in Battle will change with 1.7.2 quite a lot. Also I adjusted the gold gain quite a bit, to counter snowballing more.

    But yeah stacking and swapping sides will just naturally happen on non matchmaking servers.

    Are we gonna expect new maps thats only for battle?
    Yes. 3 new maps just for Battle (1 small, 2 big) and a new Captain mode map. We are also working on more skirmish maps but unsure if they will be in the official queue yet.
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